Helbiz is a new up and coming startup aiming to make transportation easily available to everyone. The vision behind it is to create a new peer to peer marketplace for renting vehicles. These vehicles include cars, motorcycles, and bikes, as well as any other transportation vehicle.

The marketplace will be complemented with Helbiz Mobility System, which is based upon Etherium Blockchain technology. The whole system will be powered by native HelbizCoin, one of the newest addition to the cryptocurrency market. HelbizCoin is the ERC20 token, which will be the preferred way you can pay for renting a vehicle on the Helbiz platform. The platform will be open to other companies working in the mobility services.

Blockchains are basically decentralized virtual ledgers, spread across a vast number of computers. One trait that all blockchain technologies share is that they do not have a single, centralized, authority. Each transaction is recorded in a block, which is tied to a previous block, creating a chain. This allows Blockchain to create permanent records, which is why it’s secure and trustworthy.

The Blockchain technology allows every participant in the mobility ecosystem to get fair and adequate rewards. The main idea is that you will get paid for sharing your car and any data created in the process of driving that car. The data sharing will be in the possession of the individual creating it, not companies that provide the service. This process will also be more transparent, as a welcome consequence.

The ability to share a vehicle will positively impact the environment, as there will be less need for car production. The 1.2 billion of the already existing cars are in use for only about 4% of the time. This can be exploited to gain money, provide more affordable transportation and reduce pollution.

The main issue with existing peer to peer marketplaces that rent vehicles is that they are still quite centralized. What this really means is that they still command the prices, making vehicle owners give up as much as 25% of the profits they make. Blockchain technology will enable the marketplace to become democratic, which will benefit its active contributors.

That being said, those companies do play a role in the sharing economy, as they connect buyers and sellers and provide a secure environment for them. The new technology will be able to provide digital identities, tied to a reputation system and digital currency platforms.

Helbiz aims to improve the system by automatizing three distinct areas: Shared ownership of the vehicles, vehicle utilization services, and all data produced by using the vehicle. While the first two areas have a clear path and hence are achievable, if there’s proper effort, the last one can prove to be a bit tricky. This is mainly because the data you now have and create is not exactly yours to share or sell. If the control of personal data is given back to the individual, there are many ways that person would be able to benefit from it.

Helbiz app and platform will be launching in Q2 of 2018, but the limited presale of tokens has already begun. The cap for presale tokens is set at an equivalent of 40 million Helbiz coins. A bit over 33 million worth of tokens have already been sold, so there’s not a lot of time left if you want to get a head start. You will get a 33% presale discount as another form of encouragement to actively participate in this project. If you decide to participate in the presale, you will directly support an initiative that will vastly improve the world we are currently living in.

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Website : https://www.helbiz.com

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