Helbiz – Rent Your Car the Blockchain Way

What Is Helbiz?

Helbiz is, in their own words, a mobility ecosystem, consisting of two main elements. The first is the peer-to-peer application for vehicle sharing. The second is the Ethereum blockchain-based platform, the Helbiz Mobility System. Its primary purpose is to let users tap into the marketplace easier using the blockchain technology. With it, they can access numerous transportation services.

What Brought About Helbiz?

The example the Helbiz team provides on their website, https://www.helbizcoin.io, is simple and to-the-point. At the moment, 1.2 billion cars worldwide are only used about four percent of the time. With Helbiz, you will be able to rent your parked car to a peer and not deal with keys or communication.

Now expand that example. You have a good vehicle you’d like to rent. You have customers willing to rent. Instead of physically being there, what if you had an app that makes the vehicle readily available to your customer? No keys, no bookings, just two phones, peer-to-peer dealings and zero personal involvement.

Wait, How Can You Be Sure Your Car Will Be Safe?

First of all, we’re not just talking about cars. In addition to them, you will be able to rent motorbikes, bicycles, mini-vans, busses, trains, boats, and planes. Any vehicle goes.

Second of all, for ten months the Helbiz team was developing powerful smartphone-based lock technology. With built-in sensors, you’ll be able to access the vehicle and get the necessary direction data. Naturally, all of this is encrypted, so that there are no leaks. One of the many reasons why Helbiz exists in the form of a blockchain platform.

So Who Runs Helbiz?

The founder and CEO of Helbiz is Salvatore Palella, a New York-based entrepreneur. Furthermore, he also happens to be the CEO of the SP1 Investments Cryptocurrency bank – it’s really a no-brainer as to why he chose to pursue the cryptocurrency blockchain market.

Including Palella, the Helbiz team consists of sixteen members, all veterans in their fields. RHTLaw TaylorWessing provides the legal coverage for Helbiz. Some of the partners and company investors include Royal Yacht Brokers, Encore Jets, Amazix, and – of course – SP1 Investments.

Their roadmap and whitepaper are available on the website provided a few paragraphs above.

What is HBZ?

HBZ, or Helbiz coin, is the ERC20-type cryptocurrency you’ll be using with the platform. The team’s mission is to make HBZ a method of payment for rental services worldwide. With this currency, you will be able to rent any vehicle you require, either bicycles or private jets.

HBZ Sales

At the moment, the total amount of HBZ available is 520.000.000. Of this amount, they are distributing 474.000.000 HBZ, or 91%. The Pre-ICO sale ended on February 14th.

However, the ICO sale is still on, and it will end today, on March 4th. The soft cap is 5000 ETH, while the hard cap is 62.500 ETH, with one ETH going at the rate of 6000 HBZ. In terms of fiat value, one HBZ token is $0.15.


In addition to the regular ICO sale, there is another way to earn more tokens. If you already own HBZ tokens, you still have time for the airdrop. Depending on how many HBZ you own, you get additional bonus tokens. The lowest bonus, at 200 HBZ, is for the customers who own anywhere between 1 and 999 HBZ. On the other hand, the highest bonus of 30.000 HBZ ($4.500) is for users who own more than 100.001 HBZ. Furthermore, the first two thousand users to apply for the Airdrop earn double the bonus.

So, to Sum Up…

Helbiz is an ambitious project. Renting vehicles from a distance is indeed a risky business. But considering how safe and secure blockchain platforms are, this venture could prove to be a lucrative business move.

Thinking ahead in the marketplace has always been the biggest asset of the Helbiz team. Maybe some level of caution is necessary, since it does differ from other blockchain-based platforms. If you’re interested in renting safely, invest in Helbiz now.