Recently, we have witnessed an unprecedented influx of projects in the world of cryptocurrencies. There is a growing trend and avast number of various ICOs. That is why we will concentrate on the most promising ones. These would be ICOs organized by experienced teams. And, also, those that are based on communities and purposes that resonate in the physical world.

With that in mind, we present you the HERO Token.

Company Background and Support

HERO is an Asian company. At the time of writing, it already gained some very valuable support by important actors in the field of venture capital. These are Alibaba and Softbank. Softbank is a Japanese conglomerate also seeking to impact the area of new technologies, by branching out to Silicon Valley. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba needs no further introduction, apart from the fact that it's always on the lookout for new markets.

The Goal and the Market

The HERO Token aims to help resolve the problem of insufficient banking options in developing countries. Its main product will be providing credit that is available and affordable for the underbanked. The company’s operations, initially at least, will be exclusively in Southeast Asia. This is also a rather smart move, given the growth possibilities in this region, which can surpass the USA or Western Europe.

A major benefit of this company is PawnHero. This is, namely, their currently operating product, a mobile platform pawn shop that has halved interest when compared to physical shops.


Now, with its ICO, HERO intends to build upon PawnHero, by branching out to the field of non-collateral loans. As it was a risky area for many previous businesses, HERO thus introduces blockchain technology.

Namely, with the implementation of the blockchain, HERO has set out to create an identity system which leans upon reputation, along with credit risk data and prediction systems. The company plans to store all data on each loan publically, adding to the overall transparency.

HERO's use of blockchain and smart contracts, via its Capital Market Platform, will create a network of financial service markets, with numerous interdependent projects. These will be focused on transparency, financial inclusion, and profitable digital to physical currency transfers.

Blockchain will further strive to modernize financial services and make them cheaper and faster. HERO will further work on that by creating sophisticated machine learning systems. By cross-referencing information such as social media profiles and job history, they will determine creditworthiness.

The HERO Token and ICO

The main token sale has started on February 1 and will last through February 28, 2018. The maximum amount of tokens for sale amounts to 50 million. All unsold tokens will be destroyed. During the ICO, a HERO token costs 0.005 ETH. Or, 1 ETH buys you 200 Hero tokens. A hard cap was set at 250k ETH.

The team has announced the sale of 80% of the tokens, whereas it will keep 15%. The remaining tokens are reserved for early backers and advisers. This, too, is a good signal for potential investors who will be able to control a hefty majority of the tokens generated.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that no ICO is without risk. But, as we've said, you need to take a good look at what the company is offering. In the case of HERO, the risk has automatically decreased. Namely, the company already relies on a successful business which leans upon venture capital. Also, with PawnHero, the team has demonstrated the know-how when it comes to setting up a successful business.

Last but not least, the backing received so far by HERO was impressive and suggests a promising venture.

Still, before investing, we advise you to do some additional research. You can visit their website or read the whitepaper for more information.


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