HERO Introduces its Token and ICO and Arrives with Strong Support

With the swarming amount of new ICOs and companies behind them, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate. Still, there are useful indicators that still apply and will help you to pick your future investment. The main one would be to try and locate those ICOs that are run by teams with experience. And we don’t mean just any kind of experience. We are talking about companies and teams with a successful track record. That way, you will be able to reduce risk beforehand.


PawnHero is a company which has introduced an online-based pawn shop. Based in the Philippines, its operations have grown to cover the Southeast Asian region. It relies on smartphone technology and aims to completely revolutionize the dynamics of pawn shops as we know them. Namely, you are able to pawn any item and ship it to a centralized storage. And all of that with just your smartphone. Of course, such a simple procedure decreases the costs of rent, inventory, handling, security, etc.

The PawnHero model proved to be a major success, and the company managed to halve the usual pawn shop costs.

Major supporters of the company include some of the biggest global players in the fields of e-commerce and technology. Chinese company Alibaba and Japanese Softbank are among PawnHero’s backers. Since they are both seeking to revolutionize the monetization of assets, both physical and digital, this explains their interest in the online pawn shop market, too.

You can also get more information about PawnHero via an interesting Bloomberg Philippines video.

So, after having established that PawnHero is the real deal, let us move on and assess the company’s next efforts.

Next Step: the HERO Token

After enjoying considerable success in the field of asset-backed lending, the company intends to branch out to the field of unsecured lending. Being aware of all the risks involved, they are doing everything possible to minimize it, drawing from their previous experience. This includes heavy implementation of machine learning models to help predict the likelihood of a default, or the fluctuation in interest rates on the market.

In addition, the company is using employment information, as well as social media profiles for the same purpose, aiming to reduce risk to a bare minimum. As the Southeast Asian region has no strictly defined credit scoring systems such as those in the USA, this can be seen as a pioneering effort.


The HERO token 24-hour presale took place in November last year, with bonuses handed out to early participants. The ICO has begun on February 1 and will last until February 28, 2018. One HERO token is worth 0.005 ETH, which means that 1 ETH will buy you 200 tokens. A hard cap for the ICO has been set at 250,000 ETH, whereas the $5M soft cap was already reached during the presale.

The company will sell 80% of all the tokens during the ICO. All the unsold tokens will be burned. As for the profit, if you purchase a HERO token now, you will get up to 20% of the future income which the company generates.

The Bottom Line

The HERO token stands out among many of its competitors. Mainly because it bases its operations on a real company, with real profits. Plus, we should not underestimate the fact that the company runs in the booming Southeastern Asian region, and it aims to resolve a real, local problem.

These are all good reasons to check out this investment opportunity in the course of the ongoing ICO. However, as always, we do advise you to research more about the company and the ICO. You can do so through their website or the whitepaper.