HOQU is the first company in the world to introduce the blockchain system into online advertising operations. It is done through the adoption of a decentralized system where all parties benefit equally. Affiliates and merchants get to transact without intermediaries as part of their operations. It ensures smart contracts back each action deal.

Apart from directly providing services to users, HOQU goes the extra mile and works with different types of customer action. The collaborations within the platform are an API for integration, open-source software and an SDK where customers can develop their affiliate networks and services. The platform is both available on the web and as a mobile app.

This latter version allows you to track your transactions even when you’re on the go. Both Android and iOS smartphone users can download the app and beginning enjoying its benefits. With the increased steady growth of mobile traffic on the internet worldwide, the HOQU app is likely to have a competitive advantage over its peers.

Data collection and reporting

In the current internet advertising market, no existing mechanism conveniently deal with large amounts of data that advertisers acquire when using multiple CPA networks. It, therefore, makes it hard for them to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. On HOQU, the data is stored on the blockchain. It makes it possible for advertisers to see the results of every type of customer activity under each affiliate program. From the data, they can be able to determine what worked best and shift their focus accordingly. Some of the actions they could look into are leads, the number of times an app has been installed, the calls made and the conversion rate, etc.

A handy feature on the platform is report generation. For all the information you require, the system can generate a report for you to use for reporting or planning purposes. A lot of other platforms are unable to do this, or the manner in which they do it is not conducive to the user’s need. The technology behind this function on the HOQU application is thanks to their design team’s ability to problem-solve on data collection and reporting

Functioning on the platform

There are two operational modes available on the app: one-to-one interaction between advertisers and affiliates, and advertiser and affiliate collaboration brought about by interacting with affiliate networks.

The platform has the following key players: The affiliate (partner), the affiliate network (partner network), merchant (the advertiser) and the customer (client). The process begins with an advertiser posting an offer on HOQU with the kind of leads they want and the amount they are willing to pay. The affiliate who takes up the offer independently goes about generating and maintaining a marketing network. They then create a flow of leads from their marketing resources (call centers, websites, ads, etc.). These are collected and processed. A tracking service adds this information along with relevant data onto the platform.

Should an advertiser approve the leads, the cost agreed is sent to the affiliate, less the HOQU commission. Every deal endorsed by the merchant allows them to gain access to full data about the lead.


Having a system where interaction between affiliates, affiliate networks, and advertisers is free and transparent fosters an environment of trust. Each player is then able to bring their best foot forward and propel the industry forward to march that of traditional advertising.

For more visit www.hoqu.io  and twitter.com/HOQU_IO


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