The ever-growing fame of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and tokenizable startups is a subject that needs no further explanation. Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way we handle transactions in the most efficient way possible.

Looking back, the creation of Bitcoin was only the beginning, and it has opened doors to many more technological possibilities. Nowadays, we have companies such as Iconiqlab that are creating business and investment opportunities that we can actually rely on.

What is Iconiq Lab?

Ultimately, Iconiq Lab assists startups by providing them with seed funding and legal setup. Additionally, the accelerator program offers everything a startup could potentially need, including connections to world-class financial advisors. All startups that join the accelerator program receive a discount on their fees, using the companies special voucher token.

Current accelerator startups include Vreo, Vlux, Solidified, Topl, Braincities, Wunder, Based Global and Trade Finance Market. Furthermore, the very first startup company to complete the accelerator program was Unibright.

In short, Iconiq Lab is a company that is correcting the inadequacies that we, unfortunately, come across on a regular basis in digital asset spaces. It’s not uncommon that “trusted” investment vehicles turn out to be scams, or just don’t perform the way they were intended to. Where other startups fail to act, Iconiq Lab succeeds.

One of the main reasons why this company is so successful is due to the fact that the ICNQ ecosystem is powered by the ICNQ token.

The benefits of the ICNQ token

In order to fully comprehend all the benefits of the ICNQ token, it’s important to know exactly what this token does. By owning an ICNQ token, you gain an exclusive membership that allows you into the ICO investment club. In addition to that, holders are able to use the token in the same way as they would use a discount voucher on the companies ecosystem services.

The ecosystem of the company consists of three units:

  • Iconiq Funds

  • Iconiq Media

  • Iconiq Lab

Each of the aforementioned units uses the token either as a voucher or as a membership.

In addition to that, Iconiq Lab is creating token models that are aimed to meet all your business needs. Each token is made to function specifically for the user.

The ICNQ membership categories

There are two categories for holders of the ICNQ membership:

  1. ICNQ membership: This membership is for members with at least one ICNQ token. These members have access to the following perks:

    1. public presales that have the highest discounts and bonuses

    2. access to all Iconiq events

  2. ICON membership: This membership is for members that own at least €100.000 of the ICNQ tokens. These members have all the benefits that ICNQ members have, including premium access to Iconiq Lab’s accelerator graduates.

The Loyalty Rewards Program

In addition to offering two membership categories to potential clients, Iconic Holding also has a reward system that is quite enticing. These rewards include:

  • Reward distributions to loyal club members

  • Additional bonuses for members that have reached the ICON level

  • Event invites to all important occasions

These are just some of the rewards that are available to Iconiq Holding members. Other loyalty rewards are still in the making as the company continues to expand.

Why become a member?

Loyalty programs, access to amazing discount vouchers, and exclusive events are just some of the perks that this company has to offer.

If you are searching for a trustworthy, efficient company that will not only make sure all your needs are met, but will also allow you to gain exposure to favorable ventures, then Iconiq Lab is the right choice for you.

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