Incremint MNTS – A New Decentralized DAICO Escrow Platform

ICOs have, without a doubt, become a go-to way of raising funds for company owners. However, there are major issues with ICO when it comes to management. One of the most prominent ones is a transparency issue. As a result, Investors don’t have as much say as they had hoped for.

Many developers start a crowdsale campaign and a website without even finishing the product. That means that Token buyers have to rely on trust solely since they have no way of checking the product value. In other words, investors often have no right to supervise the production. Only after the production has ended are they able to check what they paid for. Naturally, the risks are always high for them.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Incremint, a service that should alleviate these risks and provide a more secure solution to the issue.

What is Incremint?

Incremint is a new decentralized platform that uses Blockchain. This enables complete transparency of all matters that ICO was lacking. This platform also uses the escrow contractual arrangement. This is ought to bring convenience to both buyers and issuers.

Additionally, the platform works with cryptocurrency called Mints, or Mint tokens. All the transactions will be completed in these crypto-coins.

Why Incremint?

  1. It’s unique. Incremint integrated the escrow arrangement while fixing all its shortages. Escrow implies that you lay all your trust in one person and their performance. Biasing is not a rare thing in this case. By combining escrow and smart-contract and blockchain technology, the platform gets the best of both worlds.

  2. It’s functionally advanced. This new platform will allow users to draw their own parameters or to escrow a portion of funds.

  3. No brokers or mediators. Incremint is a self-controlled platform, without an intermediary. Investors have the ones who direct it.

  4. It’s secure. Only after the launching of ICO do issuers receive a previously agreed amount of proceeds. The rest is escrowed. That helps bring secure investments, with less risk.

  5. There’s even more safety. To confirm that developers have achieved the set targets, token holders can vote. If they vote that a certain target has been reached, funds are immediately delivered to developers. In case the opposite happens, token holders can get a refund.

Other Useful Qualities of Incremint

  • E-wallet. Platform users will be able to use encrypted electronic wallets. That way they can hold cryptocurrencies in escrow.

  • Bank accounts. All users will have secure banking accounts in reputable financial institutions. They can also hold cryptocurrency there if they prefer.

  • Voting system. As mentioned, at each step of ICO, investors vote on the success of the project. That ensures security for their investments.

  • Personalized assistance. Each customer will get an account representative who is there to help and answer any questions the client may have.

  • Less risk. This platform uses mechanisms that can prevent any currency unpredictability issues with the system.

  • Constant updates. Both the issuer and the token holder will be immediately informed whenever there are changes: for instance, in case there was a new payment or an issue of some sort.

Who is Responsible for Incremint?

The CEO and co-founder of Incremint is Brian Konradi. According to his Linked-In profile, he is a corporate lawyer with 18 years of experience in his domain. His work mainly took place in the US and Europe.

Then there’s Andrei Danilov. He is also the co-founder, as well as the Chief Strategy Officer. He is also a successful lawyer, whose experience includes an international practice in renowned British and United States’ law firms.

Last, but not least is Peter Khokholov. He is Incremint’s Chief Operating Officer. His work experience spans over 20 years and includes specialization in M&A, commercial transactions, and most importantly, ICO Legal Advising.

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