A recurring issue that many investors have been facing when in search of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) is ICO scams. These scams usually involve ICOs without legal guidelines. And lately, they have been quite frequent. In this article, we will introduce you to Incremint, a company that has the right idea on how to solve this issue.

About Incremint

Incremint is a company that uses blockchain technology. Their main goal is to resolve the credibility issues with ICOs. Also, they use a decentralized escrow system and blockchain to do this. They are focused on building a trust - so if you purchase tokens, you will surely receive them. By increasing ICO credibility, both the investors and issuers would highly benefit.

A trusting relationship between a customer and a company is, without a doubt, important for a successful market trade. With that in mind, Incremint established their company with a purpose to strengthen the relationships and make investing safer.

Their team consists of individuals who are highly experienced in the field. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Brian Konradi, has 18 years of experience as a corporate lawyer and tech advisor.

How Incremint Works

As previously mentioned, the idea is to make ICOs more reliable. The whole idea was influenced by the concept of DAICO, created by Vitalik Buterin. With DAICO, investors have better oversight in the usage of their funds. Incremint wants to take the DAICO idea and expand it even further and adjust it. They also want to add voting mechanisms for investors that could bring them more control. They’ll also add escrows, communication spaces, deadlock solutions and many more.

The tokens that Incremint uses are Mint tokens or Mints. Using Mint tokens will get you a 10 percent discount when investing in ICOs.

So this is how it works: by using the platform, buyers have an insight into more trustworthy ICOs. The investors can then choose which one they want to invest in, without the worry of being scammed. They are also able to set the milestones and then later vote when it comes to important decision making. This would surely give the investors a better insight in what they are investing in.

Incremint’s Mint Tokens

If you want to invest in Incremint, you should do it fast. Their main ICO has already started and that is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, their pre-ICO sale ended on February 21st. It featured discounts as big as 80%! However, their main ICO will last until April 15th. Current price is 1000 Tokens for 1 ETH. The minimum participation that you have to pay is 50$. If you live in the United States, you can participate only if you are an accredited investor.

Final Thoughts About Incremint

Incremint is definitely a great new chance to invest, especially if you are already an investor and planning on starting your own ICO soon. The tokens are still at a reasonable price, so you should get them before it is too late. They seem to be getting more and more popular, which will certainly raise their price.

So, if you do plan on making your own ICO, you should absolutely consider Incremint. The small disadvantage is that you’ll have a bit less freedom with your investments, but that seems like a reasonable price considering you’ll be able to reach a much bigger audience. If this seems like a fair trade, consider giving it a go.

The final question is - should you invest in this company? That’s completely up to you. What’s certain is that Incremint will bring you security and a good profit from investments.

For more visit:

Website: http://incremint.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/incremint_ico


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