Nowadays, everything is accessible in the blink of an eye. If you want to book an appointment with a doctor or an airplane ticket, you are just one click away. If you want to learn a new language or even get a university degree, now you can do it without getting up from your chair. Employers seem to love this modern way of thinking, thus always requiring a short, straight-to-the-point document called CV. According to some people, CV is a perfect solution because it is clear and concise. However, Workkola do not agree. In fact, they believe that CVs are not reliable indicators of your skills and talents.

That is why they have created Skyllz, the public, transparent platform that focuses on demonstrating and upgrading our skills. They aim to create what they call Human Skills Ecosystem that will take over completely and replace CVs. Furthermore, what is of utmost importance for them is meritocracy. On the Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) no one will ever judge you based on your skin color, sexuality or social status. The only things that actually matter are your talents and skills. Their ultimate goal is to create an all-inclusive, cooperative environment where everyone has a chance to showcase their full potential.

Instead of building a resume, they want you to build your Talent Brands. Namely, the idea is to prove yourself in certain 7-day challenges posted by real companies. The target group is higher-education students, and Workkola’s platform includes over 17 thousand students and 1,500 companies at the moment. They also have a staggering 100% success rate when it comes to matched and applied recruiting projects. This is because they focus only on your positive achievements, making your strongest points come to light. Not only is this method convenient for potential employers, but it also boosts the candidates’ confidence and creates an overall positive and inspiring ecosystem.

Moreover, Workkola’s algorithm caters to your hard and soft skills, respecting and acknowledging your individuality. Since every person is unique and has an equally unique set of skills, they opt for projects and opportunities that will guarantee employment and career development in the direction that you choose. Honestly, is it not high time we put an end to stressful searching for adjectives to put on our CV? How accurate are they, anyway? On SDP there is no ambiguity or fraudulence, since they test and prove each one of your skills. This makes the whole process of recruitment more reliable and stable, and you have a higher chance of getting a job by avoiding cliché descriptions.

Finally, SDP is completely transparent, meaning that it is publicly shown and anyone can see it anytime. Needless to say, this is a huge step towards combating corruption and nepotism. It will prevent many people from climbing the social ladder dishonestly. In addition, the platform is also decentralized, avoiding the traditional ratio (e.g. 1 teacher to many students). It opts for unification and connection of all platforms into one ecosystem. This unconventional innovation breaks down all existing barriers in today’s labor market and creates an environment beneficial to all parties.

All in all, if you are looking for an inventive, contemporary way of finding your dream job, you should definitely join Skyllz. In that way, you will become part of a global team that believes in cooperation instead of competition. While CVs might seem convenient at first glance, humans are not robots. We cannot put their whole life experience and personality on a single piece of paper. You are much more than one document. You deserve a chance to show your skills and personality properly and receive fair treatment.

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