Banks, private investments funds, institutional investors, family trust, hedge funds and venture capital funds among other entities are all looking for a means to invest more. What Nousprotocol does it that it allows investment funds of all nature to manage blockchain assets. Funds get technological tools to that will enable them to maintain their portfolios. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, these funds can be transparent to their investors and accountable as well.

The volume of capital gets measured in Nous tokens. It is the trading currency that funds and their investors use on the platform. These tokens are used to transact, be it an acquisition or a sale of fund equity shares. An advantage of using Nous Tokens is that equity shares from investors are redeemable using the Nous Tokens. That way, open-ended funds don’t have to sell the shares to pay out an investor. This mechanism increases the liquidation of funds.

Fund managers stand to gain a lot form using the Nousplatform Solution. Operations are conducted through smart contracts with investors. It assures those interested in investing that a fund is transparent and trustworthy. These qualities are attractive to every investor. It removes the skepticism that many people have about whether or not an investment fund will use their money for the intended purposes. Mismanagement of funds is the norm, but investors should not expect that standard on Nousplatform. Smart contracts control and regulate the sale or acquisition of equity shares. As mentioned, this is done using Nous tokens.

How does Nousprotocol work?

Every new fund established on the platform is required to have a smart contract. This contract gets published on blockchain by the Nousprotocol. In it, you’ll find specified terms and conditions and the features of the fund. There are two parameters: constant and variable. Factual information about the company falls under constant. Items classified as variable include the manager assigned or the time investment takes to mature. A private key is issued to the fund to allow them to change the variables.

The smart contract cannot be manipulated by fund managers. Nous verifies the investment portfolio records, asset ownership, fund managers among other things. This vetting process ensures that no fraudsters sign up on the platform. They also allow for the integration of a third-party entity to the smart contract for increased functionality.

These features of the Nousplatform attract potential investors. Investment funds can be sure that a large number of users will have access to them. It is an essential factor for many funds. They don’t have to result in traditional methods to get people to invest in them. The information about them is readily available for anyone ‘shopping’ for an entity to buy or sell equity shares.

On this platform, great ideas get funded. When it comes to money and currency, trust in a crucial element. Lack of it has seen many great ideas die because people were afraid to take the risk and invest in them.

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