JoyToken – Leading the way towards trustworthy gaming industry

When it comes to the casino gaming industry, it is all about the survival of the fittest.

The law of the jungle” always applies, the biggest players remain on the top and the small ones do not survive under pressure. The reason behind this is mostly trust.

Generally speaking, casino players tend to be distrustful towards smaller casinos even if they often offer amusing and unique games. Most of them prefer to play in the top rated casinos even if the games are boring and dull.

So, how exactly do the top rated casinos build their trust with users? It’s fairly easy to answer this question.

Of course, they spend huge amounts of money for their marketing purposes. That way they can create a well-known and reputable brand image. But, more often than not, small casinos do not have enough money even to advertise themselves and compete with large ones.

This kind of trend is not well suited for the owners of the smaller gambling establishments since it tends to create a monopoly among the casinos. Of course, in favor of the top rated casinos.

Has this unfair situation come to an end?

Fortunately, a new game-changer enters the scene. In order to establish a more trusting relationship between the casinos, developers, and players, Joy Gaming Ltd is currently developing a new gaming platform based on the blockchain technology. This ecosystem tends to improve the casino gaming industry and balance the current monopoly on the market. The main purpose of this platform is to offer the small developers an opportunity to employ their talents and create many new and innovative casino games. It also features simplified communication protocols, increased control over transactions and much more!

Everyone who wants to access this gaming platform will need to buy a special type of token named JoyToken. This is a utility token based on Ethereum ERC20 standard. The platform creators will hold the token sale which will start on 27 February and finish on 29 March 2018. During this sale, you will be able to buy JoyTokens using any Ethereum based wallet or BTC/wire transfer of USD. To learn more about the JoyToken sale procedure, please visit

What are the main recognizable features of the Joy Gaming platform? What stands out and distinguishes it from other online gaming platforms? How will it influence and improve the online casino gaming industry? Take a brief look at the answers we listed below.

  1. Smart contracts – The Joy Gaming platform will not run directly on the blockchain. Developers will run the casino software on the backend instead, and for that, they will use the smart contacts. The players will be able to examine and verify that the games are running just as it says in their description. This procedure will greatly reduce the level of risk on the casino games. All results are instantly recorded at the moment and are always easy to check.

  2. Direct communication – Software developers can now communicate directly with online casinos. In this way, they can easily and quickly show the preview or demo of their new casino game. This platform represents the bridge between the software developers and the casinos. Since it is bilateral and direct, both casinos and developers can work on profitable and useful solutions for both participants.

  3. Money Control – In traditional casinos, you have to deposit a certain number of funds to your account before you start the game. However, in Joy Gaming platform, the players always have full control over their JoyToken wallet. Every transaction concludes quickly and easily. This way the casinos will not have any control over the user’s funds.

  4. Decentralized system – As mentioned before, all the financial transactions are done automatically by utilizing the smart contract. So, if any form of disagreement comes up between the casino player and the gaming platform, it will be resolved in a decentralized and unbiased matter after the investigation. The trust between casinos and casino players will be strengthened as the results are always visible and accessible.

To learn more about the Joy Gaming platform and the technology behind it, please visit