Since its creation, the energy sector has gone through multiple transition periods. And right now, it is going through one of the most significant changes ever with the integration of blockchain technologies.

Most people are already aware how the US electric system operates. It is an incredibly complex system that uses fossil fuels to generate electricity to power the nation. There are three important parts of this system. They are electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. And, when everything works together flawlessly, almost everyone in the US can get affordable power. And this system’s reliability is essential to the economic development and the overall security of the United States.

However, the current system is not without flaw. The operation is, in fact rather expensive and leaves a significant carbon footprint. Not to mention that it removes the general public from accessing the value chain. And there is a lot of value to it. One of the more reliable estimates is that the value of the US electric grid is approaching 2 trillion dollars. Not to mention that replacing it could cost over double that amount.

Distributed resources at a smaller scale can be aggregated to offer energy to satisfy regular users. In essence, using solar panels and wind turbines to create electricity, developing energy storage, and improving demand response technologies. As the electricity grid modernizes these technologies will help it transition to a new-age system. With smart technologies and capabilities to advance the economy of renewable energy.

And, nowadays, we live in the age of cryptocurrencies. So Kwhcoin is here to help out. The idea is to create a platform for anyone who holds an interest in a 100% renewable energy source. This token will help the decentralized application remove the access barriers from the energy market. The Kwhcoin represents a digital value of a kilowatt hour that the platform distributes. This platform will allow any homeowner to become their own energy company.

Blockchain technology allows the platform to activate the people around the United States. It will help anyone join the energy field. And anyone who is passionate about sustainable energy will finally be able to actually contribute. With this platform, we can finally make a huge step towards the environmentally-friendly future. The platform’s work will even allow the people to apply leverage to fossil fuel networks. This can, slowly but surely, lead to big companies moving towards the renewable energy sources themselves.

Another thing this platform promises is to donate 10% of all the funds they receive during their ICO to help others. Namely, there are over 1.2 billion people around the world who cannot access electricity at all. And the 10% they donate will help develop off-grid and microgrid technologies. Which will, in turn, help areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

There are multiple initial coin offerings right now that are creating a detachment from some elements of cryptocurrencies. They are stepping away from some blockchain protocols and deserve some attention for that. And Kwhcoin is backing their token with the palpable value of kilowatt hours. The Kwhcoin represents a project that wants to use the technologies to change the world. It returns the credibility of technology and promises a new system and incredible applications of technologies.

Everyone will be able to join in and help the goal. Unlike the older, exclusive systems, every user will matter. The entire world knows that the renewable energy is getting increasingly necessary and this platform will help. The original goal of Kwhcoin was the creation of the network anyone in the world can access with a phone. However, the idea is evolving. It is now a vision of a future with an energy economy that will connect the entire world. We all know that the change is possible, but now, with Kwhcoin we will have the means to that end.

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