Latium - An Introduction for Beginners 

Latium is a first of it's kind and the only tasking platform that uses a fully automated rating system in accordance with a one to many task relationship structure. This is going to allow any user to create a task and to complete the task they can hire one person, or many thousands of people according to their liking. This whole thing takes place in a trust free environment ( which means everything is solid and there is no room for doubt ) with great emphasis on transparency so all the participants know who they are working with .

Scope Of Latium's Implementation

Both Digital and even In person tasks will be supported by the platform. In addition to the platform , the Latium team has designed  proprietary task proof systems for both Digital and In Person tasks as well , they have done so to remove trust from the situation and to create an environment where tasks with multiple contracts can be managed quite easily .

Carrying Out A Digital Task

Say if for example in the case of a Digital task, a user wants to send traffic to an online petition. Just by posting a simple Latium task, they will now be able to send as many people to their said petition page as their budget will allow.

Carrying Out A Task In Real Time

But how will latium implemented in the in person tasks as they claim ? Let’s look at an example , say a user is promoting a great grand opening for his new restaurant. He posts a new task with all the information of the event and then he approves applicants that would like to come up for a reward. The applicants that will show up would then scan either a printed QR code, scan a code on the said latium task creator’s phone or remain with in a certain GPS location for a certain amount of time so that they can check in to the said event. As soon as the event is done with , the applicants will then scan an additional code to submit the payment for the task or it might be submitted automatically based on the GPS  location. The In Person multi-contract tasks can be implemented for the sake of marketing events like the restaurant one and even for the sake political or perhaps community driven projects . Hence latium's in person implementation is not only possible but the scope of it is endless based on the user's own imagination .

Latim's Currency

It should be known that on the platform The LatiumX (LATX) ERC20 token is going to be the established form of payment and payment for it is going to be credited in person using LATX tokens , which means the LATX tokens are going to be purchased by the employers before they create any new tasks in the system .


Thus Latium provides the perfect opportunity for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the market . Though cryptocurrencies are quite popular , adopting their use in the market is an issue . The Latium Platform addresses this by the creation of a simple market where LATX tokens are rewarded to those who complete tasks , making cryptocurrencies available to all.

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