This blockchain solution is a cost-effective platform that will integrate distributed energy and renewable energy resources into the grid. What is even more relevant, the team behind Kwhcoin is now working on a model that will help compensate the value of distributed energy assets at the grid edges. This will be a transition to a more advanced energy network. One that anyone can access, with no inclusion barriers.

Ever since the energy grid first came to be, the energy sector hadn’t changed a lot. And now, this sector is in for a massive change. The US electric system is based on an extremely complicated and efficient system. Three major parts work together to bring affordable and reliable power to everyone in the US. This service is crucial not only for homes in America, but also for economic development, nation’s safety, and social connectivity. Alas, this is rather expensive, as well as carbon intensive. The current value of the U.S plants, wires, poles, and transformers that comprise the electric grid is about $2 trillion. Replacement costs for that entire setup would be more than $5 trillion.

Here’s why that’s important.

Distributed energy sources are a lot smaller, and they can be aggregated to produce power that is needed to meet everyday demand. Examples of it are electric vehicles, energy storage, solar panels, demand response technologies, and many others. These will be put to use to deploy resources from different places. If that were to be done, a more flexible flow of energy distribution and generation would come to be. With the further modernization of the power grid, DER’s like advanced renewable tech and storage would be able to help this transfer to a smarter grid. A grid that would be less expensive to maintain, that would be able to serve many purposes, while being renewable and having a positive social impact.

This is where Kwhcoin steps in

This cryptocurrency will be in use as a native token with a decentralized application. Creators of this cryptocurrency want to make a platform that anyone interested in renewable energy can access without barriers.

For instance, a homeowner in Florida who has solar panels wants to put his energy usage data on Kwhcoin blockchain. There it will be monitored live for the billing cycle and the energy exported. Now that energy gets converted to Kwhcoin and automatically deposited into his digital wallet. Now he has a choice to either access the decentralized app, or one of the decentralized exchanges where he can do a value exchange.

Via Kwhcoin, any distributed energy resource can access a value chain and be integrated into the grid. This coin's design serves to empower people to make their independent choice for renewable energy. This is a great way to support choosing an environmentally friendly, sustainable energy future. These technologies are able to throw fossil fuel and monopolistic networks out of the equation.

At the moment, 1.2 billion people have no access to electricity, and more than 2.5 billion have only a limited access to “dirty” power generation sources. Kwhcoin promises to donate 10% of their initial coin offering proceeds and all their future revenue to developing off-grid technologies in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. This is all part of their plan to Electrify the World, that sounds like it would provide a stable economic currency for exchange and trade in these parts of the world.

The Kwhcoin project wants to lower the access barrier for everyone, and build new applications and systems that are completely inclusive. Nothing says that better than a renewable power access for all.

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