Passionate cryptocurrency traders will welcome the advancement that is associated with LCS. There have been a lot of hypes about LCS and little information on some quarters. However, this article will give you the necessary information that you require to trade on this platform.

Business Aspect of LocalCoinSwap

Every trader on any trading cryptocurrency platform wants to make a profit even though the market may be volatile. LocalCoinSwap has a simple and straightforward process of sharing its 100% profits to the holders of its cryptoshares on a one-to-one procedure. The platform makes use of a decentralized dividend process that is based on the blockchain system to distribute its profits. The sharing is done in a way that no trader is short-gained or cheated during the sharing of the profits acquired over a period.

There are up to ten cryptocurrencies that are traded on LocalCoinSwap, and additional tokens are added over time. The crowdsale funds have been utilized to help the platform with its currency trading and auditing. Shareholders of cryptoshares have access to free airdrops of tokens listed on LCS including some offers that can increase pre-ICO funding or support. One of the business aspects of LCS that has given the traders power is their ability to vote for or against any major decision.

The Cryptocurrency Community

The decentralized trading platforms have become one of the most popular cryptocurrency systems that traders have come to embrace. The market is still volatile, but there is an advancement in trading platforms like the LCS that has made traders trust cryptocurrency firms with their funds. The decentralized LCS trading platform is better than the centralized system in its transparency and ability to make open its money flow and account balances.

Benefits of LocalCoinSwap

Transparency in Trading

LocalCoinSwap is developed to give traders transparency during trading. The peer-to-peer exchange platform offers an open source when it comes to accessing its income, revenue streams and wages to the public.

Decentralized P2P Exchange

The decentralized P2P trading platform of LCS allows traders to enjoy a 100% dividend profits and offers airdrops of tokens.

True Decentralized System

LCS is developed to be the world’s true and first decentralized trading system with its amazing features.

ID Verification

LocalCoinSwap is easy to be managed by traders who are not interested in making bogus identification process before they can log in. LCS only allows traders to use their email addresses without the stress of ID scans, bank information or KYC.

LocalCoinSwap Protocol

LocalCoinSwap's protocol is patterned in such a way that the cryptoshares are evenly shared to traders without challenges. There is no need to waste a lot of time trying to decipher complicated technology during buying or selling of tokens. LCS is based on a simple to use but a secured platform to give traders an opportunity to trade smoothly without fear of being hacked.

At the end of every period, LCS makes open its financial statements with profits. The holders of cryptoshares can get their profits without spending endless time waiting for the company to buy. The dashboard on the LCS platform has detailed information on dates, amounts of money and the details associated with each distribution.

The Distribution

Shareholders can lay claim to dividends associated with BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, DASH or Monero. Shareholders can claim the ERC20 dividend profits on a one-to-one basis according to the cryptoshares holdings.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin was given birth to in the year 2009, with the P2P exchange trading system taking over the network. There have been problems with some cryptocurrency platforms that were unable to provide traders full autonomy on what to do with their money while trading, transparency, and security. Any platform that can solve most of the problems in cryptocurrency trading platforms can fulfill the requirements of the traders. LCS has offered promises of transparency and easy to trade facilities that any trader can use. The openness of LCS is something that will attract traders to it.

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