When it comes to digital asset exchange, time consumption during registration and the fight to get fitted into the monopoly oriented exchange markets may frustrate a trader. LocalCoinSwap has become the messiah on the block with its innovative approach that is trying to solve many problems of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. LCS has taken care of the problem of not buying coins or tokens directly from others with its decentralized system.

Platform overview

LocalCoinSwap platform development started in August 2017, and it is expected that the system will be ready by August 2018. LCS mimicked some of the most excellent features and elements of existing digital asset platforms, but recreated these factors with a better experience, social media interactivity, and coin addition. The platform is the first of its kind in cryptocurrency trading.

The LocalCoinSwap Marketplace

The marketplace of LCS is designed to allow individual users to run their exchange with any payment method that is acceptable. A particular user does not need an external exchange platform to make cryptocurrency transaction.

With LCS, it is simple to locate a match that may want to sell or even buy exactly what a user is looking to achieve. A user’s trade is performed on the LocalCoinSwap system that allows the functionality of the regular traditional escrow system. The coins or tokens to be exchanged are held on the platform, and then payment confirmation is received before the tokens or coins is released. The fees for the transaction ranges from 3% to 10%, just like the amount that is paid on LocalBitcoins.


LocalCoinSwap operated with a personal token referred to LCS, which functions as a functional cryptoshare. The LCS’s platform is built to share 100% profits generated by the platform’s peer to peer exchange to shareholders. The platform works in a simple way, as the company grows, so will the shares just like the traditional stock-functional companies.

The holders of LCS have the opportunity of getting airdrops of any newly listed ICO coins or tokens on the platform. The total supply of the tokens from LocalCoinSwap has been put at 100 million units. Out of these 100 million units, 70 million have been carefully shared through the crowdsale stages to shareholders that is the circulating supply. There are 20 million tokens that have been kept in a frozen state to be used later.

Every token that is not sold will be burned so that every holder can benefit by it. Another 10 million tokens are reserved on the platform that will be used in updating and operating the service.


The LocalCoinSwap team is made of young, vibrant and highly skilled people with a professional background that is extremely strong.

Nathan Worsley

Nathan Worsley has a Bachelor and Major in Economics. He is the platform developer who has created mind-blowing trading algorithms that are successful and based on the Triangular Arbitrage between digital assets. He is the owner of the LCS and also the CTO. Worsely is a professional high volume P2P trader and also responsible for Digital Assets Management Ltd.

Thomas Underwood

Thomas Underwood is the platform’s CFO, a business development manager and experienced financial analyst holding a Bachelor of Commerce and Major in Accounting and Finance. He is the Australian Regional Manager for TradingView.com.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency exchange has finally found its footing in the hobbies of tech-savvy individuals, and it has been seen spreading to the traditional financial sectors. With LocalCoinSwap, it has been easy to discover that trading on cryptocurrency can be fun and safe. LCS has made trading secure and more reliable with its transparency. It is not one of those platforms that leave users struggling with ID identification and inability to make a transaction to other users. Most users cannot wait until August to lay their hands on the LCS platform that is simple and very reliable to use.

For more information visit:

Website: http://www.localcoinswap.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/localcoinswap/

Telegram: http://t.me/localcoinswap/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/localcoinswap_?lang=en/


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