Loci is a company that modifies the patent search process with the goal of making the way we invent and value ideas better by using unique visual tools to understand the landscape of ideas. Dissimilar to most ICO companies that has just a whitepaper, Loci has a superior search tool known as the InnVenn platform which was designed for patents attorney, corporate analysts and inventors to easily search the intellectual property landscape. In order to have full access to the InnVenn platform, you will need the LOCIcoin.


LOCIcoin is the domestic and functional token which can be used to completely access Loci’s products and services. On the InnVenn platform, LOCIcoin is the only means to buy and sell IP and it further proves its importance by playing a huge role in staking inventions on the blockchain.


Loci’s InnVenn platform has been a success so far with the aid of Ethereum Blockchain which is the second major blockchain platform. The main attraction of the Ethereum Blockchain is the smart contract system it offers. Loci secures intellectual properties for companies and inventors using Ethereum’s smart contracts.

The ICO is scheduled for a total of four rounds during the token sale and the net price for each round differs. Early buyers stands to profit the most. The net price for the first round which is for the early investors is set at $0.33, the second round has a net price of $0.44 and the net price for the third and fourth rounds are set at $0.57 and $0.75 respectively. The ETH to LOCIcoin ratio is usually calculated within the 3 day moving average of ETH before the start of the token sale.


Loci is an ICO company founded by John Wise and over a 15 year period, he previously worked as a mechanic, data engineer, crew chief and a team manager for some major teams in American racing. Loci’s country of origin is USA with its headquarters located in Sterling, Virginia. There is a long list of members in the team that came together to create Loci but here are a few of them, the team is headed by John Wise the Founder and CEO of the company and other members of the team includes Brian Hwang the Director of Operations, Eric Ross the Director of Technology, Abdelal Ali the Developer, Lauren Arevalo the Content Marketer, Zaimah Khan the Digital Marketing Manager, Sean Brizendine the Blockchain Specilist, Aram Barnett the Blockchain Developer and Mitchell Opatowsky in the Social Media Department.


There are many ICO’s for investors to choose from when considering a potential investment but what makes Loci a smart choice is the application of blockchain technology to its InnVenn platform which helps inventors save more by cutting down prohibitive costs and also easing the jobs of attorneys and developers. So far so good, we can say that Loci is heading in the right direction towards becoming the ideal ICO for innovators to find and claim their ideas.