Every week, there’s a new blockchain-based solution that has the potential to change how the world works. Now, the time has come for a change in the world of finance. CDRX has the potential to bridge the gap between the crypto market and $600tn global securities market.

Ever since Bitcoin became popular, people have been wondering how they could trade in their securities that include bonds, equities, and derivatives, as simply as cryptocurrency.

CDRX has the answer.

What is CDRX?

It is a multi-purpose blockchain-based platform that offers you a unique exchange. That exchange is linked to the global securities market, and as soon as you register and start trading, you’ll be too.

This platform secures equity-based tokens while enabling you to trade them on a singular exchange. Which makes trading securities exactly as simple as trading Bitcoin.

Crypto Depository Receipts or CDRs are tokens that will simply adjust American Depository Receipts to modern financial markets.

Problem Solving

When trading equities, investors have to pay fees and costs. In 2017 the value of those expenses was over $80bn. However, if issuers and investors start using CDRs, they could be paying less than $2bn.

On the one hand, CDRs convert equities into securitized tokens that are backed by underlying securities. On the other hand, Native Issuance allows companies to issue their bonds and equities directly as tokens on this platform.

You see, execution costs can be as high as $25 per trade. But, if you use CDRs and native issuance, you will pay minimal execution costs.

The ownership change can last two to three days with traditional methods. However, if you use this new method, it will take less than 2 hours. Moreover, in some cases, it can be done in real time.

CDRs and Native Issuance will make everything simpler and cheaper – ownership ledger, dividends, and coupon payments, corporate actions, voting, as well as share splits.


*Crypto Depository Receipts on bonds, equities, and derivatives such as Facebook, IBM, Google, and Apple

*24/7 exchange and service

*Direct issuer and investor participation

*Settlement and custody for all tokens

*Access to all tokens, securitized and non-securitized such as BTC, XRP, and ETH

Who Will Use CDRX?

Literally anyone who wants to trade in equities. Companies who wish to issue and trade tokens, as well as individuals who want in on the equity trading game.

CDRX primarily offers a platform anyone can use. CDRs offer you fractional ownership of top stocks such as Amazon and IBM. That fact in itself is a huge step for this platform.

An even better thing this platform offers is the ability to start small. As small as $10 in fact.

The Team Behind CDRX

According to their one-pager, CDRX has a strong team that consists of financial services veterans who each have an average of 15 years of experience in this field. Their resumes include positions in sales, e-commerce, legal and regulatory, and technology. Even better, their experience was gained in organizations such as Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan, and Merrill Lynch.

If they manage to use their knowledge and the initial hype over their offer properly, we believe this platform can become truly great.


The presale for this Ethereum-based token will start on 5th of November, and end on the 19th. Start price for 1CDRX will be 0.5 dollars.

Final Thoughts

CDRs can really make trading a lot easier. No more public meetings, no more need to pay accountants for dividend distribution, no more hassle, and unnecessary expenses.

Not to mention that it enables fractional ownership of expensive shares.

For now, CDRX is moving in the right direction, and if the existing financial system catches up, it might become a huge hit.

Website: https://cdrx.io/

Telegram: http://t.me/cdrxchange

Whitepaper: https://cdrx.io/docs/wp/whitepaper-en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cdrxchange


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