Micromoney: A Blockchain Credit Bureau


What is Micromoney

Micromoney facilitates people who are still unbanked and rely only on cash. In case of dire need, obtaining a loan from a bank is a real challenge for such people. Micromoney provides a solution to this problem. It is a microfinance institution which has become a decentralized Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau on the Blockchain. Their job is to make sure that peopel with little or no prior banking experience can  easily acquire short-term loans. In order to make it possible MicroMoney has come up with the solution that lies in the scoring algorithm. This scoring algorithm is powered by artificial neural network.

Micromoney Introduction

MicroMoney is working towards the goal of providing financial services to people with minimum or no banking experience. they are given a multi-purpose digital identity, creditworthiness, and financial reputation. They are introduced to the new global decentralized crypto economy. MicroMoney extracts information about the needs of a customer and addition to that, and we gather information about our customer’s needs, his web searched and his behavior on social media. This information is later on shared with banks, financial institutions, e-commerce and retail businesses thus allowing them to scale efficiently. It will help them to get access to new customers unserved before, reduce risks while expanding to new markets, and better understand their customers’ needs.


It is too much risk for any bank to deal with unbanked and underbanked people. Even though they can be profitable at large, the risk can’t be ignored. Blockchain technology is a solution to this problem. It is a way to increase market competition and to make a product revolution in financial services. This way all the financially excluded people worldwide get fast and affordable services.

The Universal Problem

Limited access to financial services including loans, mortgages etc. results in poverty and poor living standards. In this scenario having access to internet proves to be of great help. In the Asia-Pacific Region, which is now home to more than half of the world’s internet users, 54% of the world’s social media users, and 56% of all mobile social media users. Here digital services and other innovative solutions can help improve the lifestyle of people. Micromoney makes sure to bring such people to the new global crypto economy.

Micromoney Solutions

Giving people access to micro money

MicroMoney has a team of professionals who are specialists in emerging market.

Potential Clients

Among 196 countries 100 contains the target market. Our target market constitutes of those 2 billion people who are unbanked and rely only on cash. They have no credit history, no debts and no major use of social media. They are earning roughly 200 to 500 dollars per month.

MicroMoney made an app to gather information about our customers more efficiently. This app gathers 10,000 parameters. To analyze this Big Data we use AI Neural Network Scoring. This analysis is enough to get you a loan approval within 15 seconds. Borrowing money is also a piece of cake.

Through microfinancing, MicroMoney not only helping people in their daily needs but at the same time create a digital financial identity, to build creditworthiness and reputation and to start their credit history.

Now the question is how to give people access to the global economy?

Building an Open Source Credit Bureau on Blockchain

It is very important that businesses get access to our customers so that they can offer the best possible services. Loans should be through smart contracts, transparent and reliable credit history.

Providing Big Data for Businesses

MicroMoney works on the fact that people need money and services while businesses need new customers. That is why our products represent a digital financial identity encrypted on the Blockchain and also contain Big Data that was gathered from borrowers’ smartphones.

In addition to micro-financing, MicroMoney is also a Fintech company with the goal of working towards global financial inclusion.

After successfully operating in Cambodia and Myanmar, in 2017 MicroMoney established an office in Thailand so that operational costs can be reduced.


Expanding Worldwide

After noticing the demand for their product in such a vast target market, they decided to take it worldwide. There are 100 most populated countries which constitute billions of unbanked people. Therefore scaling of their product was necessary. To do so they completely standardized and packed their business processes in their CRM system (BPM`Online), which now makes it a ready-to-go Franchise Financial Platform. It has made expanding to new countries and branching out much more simplified.

Micromoney is Growing


MicroMoney aims to:

  • Reduce poverty and hunger by helping unbanked people get access to financial services.
  • Offer online loans so that unbanked people can grow their businesses.
  • Offer educational materials and consulting services.
  • Bring financially excluded people to the new global crypto economy.
  • Enable Blockchain companies to scale their customer database efficiently.