Momentum Platform Review: The Future of Marketing

Whenever something revolutionary shows up many want to try it. However, not many are willing to test it out without thorough research. And this time, that something is the MobileBridge Momentum Platform. It is well on its way to change the entire world of marketing and customer relations. Improving the loyalty and redefining the way every company in the world manages customer care.

The MobileBridge will very soon launch the very first marketing automation platform that bases it processes on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And, with that platform, they will also be launching their very own Momentum Token, but more on those a bit later.

The “Big Change”

The world of consumers is changing rapidly. A lot of customers no longer enjoy the traditional marketing methods due to the obvious shortcomings. The timing can be off, there is no personalization, and some companies simply resort to spam. And all of this leads to negative effects on the brand itself. Loyalty programs do not seem to be getting the effect one would expect. The points or rewards expire or go to waste regularly.

This is why the new Momentum Platform will let companies base their marketing on cryptocurrency. Namely, by using the Momentum, you will be able to use the Momentum Token as your reward. You will also be able to brand your own crypto token. And, since you will be working with cryptocurrencies, the rewards for your customers will increase in value.

This platform represents a big step in the worlds of marketing and cryptocurrencies. In the past, those who wanted to dabble in cryptocurrencies had to mine them. Others had to invest a lot of money to get them. However, with this platform, they will join the cryptocurrency game by simply promoting your services.

The Rewards

The MobileBridge promises the ease of use to be superb. Not only will you be able to set everything up with almost no effort, but your customers can easily enjoy the rewards. And, something your customers will adore you for – they are interchangeable. Namely, your customer will be able to enjoy the loyalty reward with other Momentum-using companies too. This means that the token they receive by renting a car can be put to use when buying a plane ticket. And, if they choose not to use them, they can instead just save them indefinitely. Or trade them amongst each other. Your customers will even be able to help charities by donating the rewards instead.

The Momentum Token

Of course, even if all companies choose to brand their own rewards, the main currency is the momentum token. It will be the official cryptocurrency of the platform. Your customers will be able to use it for trading their branded tokens in. And, most importantly, they will even be able to purchase other cryptocurrencies with your rewards. So, for an example, a customer who got points after eating a meal will be able to convert them to Bitcoin instead.

The main value of the Momentum Token comes from the fact that it is a tangible reward for your customers. With it, the customer will pay a lot more attention to your company. Driving both the brand awareness and revenue up. Not to mention that each customer can become a great source of marketing for you.

Awarding Online Activities

Another important feature this platform offers is the reward for positive behavior online. So, instead of just rewarding the fact that your customers are spending money, you are rewarding them for helping you improve the brand awareness. You can reward your customer with blockchain tokens every time they leave a positive review, help others to your website, promote your products, or otherwise promote you on social media channels.

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