The problem of cryptocurrency holders is obvious – Bitcoin is not the preferred or the best means of payment. Owners and miners of Bitcoin are picking the right holding strategy. Those who have spent their Bitcoins in the earlier years can only look back with some remorse at the position they would now be if they kept hold of their crypto-assets.

However, there will be times when asset holders need to liquified their funds to pay for emergency needs – regardless if it is for expansion of their business or investment on other fields, to pay for immediate expenses, or to extend their asset positions.

How Does MoneyToken Benefit the Crypto Community?

MoneyToken allows the Bitcoin owners the opportunity to use cryptocurrency just like other traditional asset class – to borrow today, based on the anticipated future value of the asset. The borrowers get to keep their growing assets at the same time can spend and invest in something.

The cryptocurrency holder does not need to undergo thorough and unnecessary credit investigation since the ownership of a blockchain-based asset can be verified easily. There is nothing added to the borrower’s credit history or public credit record. Also, your loan application will be decided upon instantaneously – MoneyToken will not do an extensive evaluation of the market value of user’s assets.

The Unique Features of Crypto-Backed Loans Platforms

  • MoneyToken is an infrastructure scheme. It is not just a simple lending system. It has its ecosystem, focused on generating its stable coin and decentralized exchange service.

  • Most of the projects on the credit industry depend upon on P2P model, in which the system serves as an intermediary. The MoneyToken model is B2B2C. The system has its credit fund and function as a lender. The users of the platform are the borrowers.

  • The projects issue fiat money as loans. MoneyToken likewise allows loans in stable coins such as Dai, MTC, USDT, and bitUSD. The Money Token team are sure that the future of payment methods depends on cryptocurrency.

  • Money Token will be transparent to the users around the world unlike other platforms with geographic restrictions.

  • As compared to other platforms that use only tokens to pay fees. This platform does not apply any additional charge, and the token has an essential role in infrastructure, with benefits like a reduction in the interest rate.

The People Behind the Platform

Money Token board members have many years of experience in IT, Banking, and FinTech in companies like Prudential Financial, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. The founders have tech companies in Europe, New York, and London.

The team has been studying, investing, and trading the cryptocurrency market for several years now. Thus, the need for a cryptocurrency-backed loan scheme has been clear to them. This is the reason why they have collaborated and apply all their experiences and knowledge to develop MoneyToken.

The Future of MoneyToken

So, what is next to MoneyToken? From the time the team started the idea of this platform in 2017, the people behind it have been very busy. And in 2018, they have finally introduced the platform and the TGE they have planned were completed.

Aside from the platform, the team is also busy developing Amanda – the artificial intelligence agent who will represent Money Token and conduct automated loan calculations, notifications, and processing. In short, she will act as the processor and as the team representative to answer your inquiries and concerns.

Amanda was launched in a demonstration mode to display the features of Money Token and explain everything you need to know about the platform until the time it will be in full operation this 2018.






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