You’ve probably heard of Blockchain. You might have even invested in a few projects yourself. However, like everything else, Blockchain has changed quite a bit since it first appeared. The first generation of Blockchain gave us the famous Bitcoin. Many people started investing in it, making it rise to the top. However, Bitcoin came with a set of problems. It consumed a lot of energy, and while not really slow, it wasn’t fast enough.

Bitcoin was followed by Ethereum, a second-generation Blockchain. Ethereum used Smart Contracts which made it safer than Bitcoin. In addition, users and service providers communicated better on its platform. However, it was still not fast enough, and it still used up a lot of energy. On top of that, Ethereum had very small blocks.

The third generation of blockchain brought about lots of innovations. The first of those were the Proof of Stake algorithms. Next came graph-chains, then off-chain routing, and finally centralization. But even with these improvements, there’s always room for growth. Which is why you have Multiversum.

The Features of Multiversum

Multiversum is a Crypto Relational database, and it is based entirely on Blockchain technology. The main goal of Multiversum is solving problems that older cryptocurrencies have. The platform is designed to work with complex data structures. If you’ve ever worked with massive corporate systems, you might know what a complex data structure looks like. They can take the form of big data dumps, long lists, or complicated graphs.

When you have a large amount of data like that, you need a way to structure it. Doing so will help you keep track of it and keep it safe. Multiversum will do that for you. It is the best possible combination of database management, security, app decentralization, reliability, and auditing.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity is an algorithm that Multiversum uses to validate data. It serves as a replacement for both the Proof of Work and the Proof of Stake. If you were worried about how much time you need to organize and deliver data, worry no further. With Proof of Identity, this will be easy.

Another benefit of using Multiversum is that it works well with other coins and tokens. For instance, it allows ERC-20 and ERC-23 token integration. Moreover, you can also use Multiversum’s native currency, the MTV, with other different Blockchain environments.

Enhanced Data Management

One of the goals of Multiversum is better data management. For this reason, the Multiversum team developed the Crypto Relational Database. This database is capable of performing decentralized operations. Furthermore, you'll be able to do self-verifying transactions. Finally, there's the interconnectedness. Multiversum works with various data entities at once. All of these entities are grouped in large data structure graphs.

Other Features

Multiversum can perform transactions in 0.2 seconds. That’s quite a short time span to get your money in Blockchain. Furthermore, the transaction throughput runs at 64.000 TPS, and it supports 64+ cores technologies.

Speaking of transactions, you’ll just love the next-gen wallet this platform offers. Multiversum chose to use biometric access to digital wallets. The access in question will help you retrieve a stolen wallet faster and more easily. On top of that, you will successfully manage to store many different currencies.

One last thing to point out is the eco-friendly nature of Multiversum. With it, you have a platform that has almost no environmental footprint for a very low price. The decision to do this fits perfectly with Multiversum’s wish for a cleaner Blockchain environment.

The MTV ICO Sale

The Multiversum token (MTV) pre-ICO sale ended successfully on March 31st, but you can still join the ICO sale. The platform has already reached its soft cap of $5 million, at a 1 MTV = $1 rate. The set hard cap is at $35 million when the sale will officially end.

Of the total MTV supply of 141 million, 76% will go to the contributors. Founders and the team will get 15%, and collaborators will get 6%. Advisors and partners get the remaining 3%. When the sale is completed, 1% of all proceeds will go to charity.

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