Multiversum, in Short

The developers of Multiversum describe it as a 4th generation Blockchain-based Crypto Relational database. It aims to provide users faster work while saving energy better than other Blockchain platforms. Older Blockchain-based platforms had problems handling complex structures of data. They were either slow, wasted energy, or had small blocks. If you want to work with massive structures like lists, graphs, and data dumps, you need more power. And this platform has the power to spare.

Multiversum will structure your data in a safe, traceable way. Furthermore, it will help you with database management, security, reliability, app decentralizing, and auditing. In short, it’s a multi-purpose platform for the new age.

Four Generations of Blockchain

Blockchain technology began with Bitcoin. Of course, it was a major commercial success, and millions of people invested in it. However, Bitcoin had its problems. First of those was that it consumed a lot of energy. The second problem was its speed – it was slow.

Bitcoin would soon get an “heir” in Ethereum, the second-generation Blockchain. Ethereum used very efficient Smart Contracts as part of its structure. As such, it was faster and safer than Bitcoin. But despite that, it was still not fast enough, and it still consumed a lot of energy.

Despite all of that, users enjoyed how safe Ethereum was. Furthermore, the user-to-service provider interface improved vastly. Developers took these positive bits of Ethereum and made them part of the third-generation Blockchain. This generation used other innovations, such as the Proof of Stake algorithms, off-chain routing, and many more.

Nevertheless, the issues of speed and energy waste remained. Therefore a group of enthusiasts started work on the fourth generation of Blockchain. The result is the platform before you, the Multiversum.

Features of Multiversum

Proof of Identity

Multiversum uses an algorithm called Proof of Identity to validate data. Proof of Identity replaces older algorithms such as Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. With it, you can validate, organize, and deliver your data easily.

The platform allows users to trade with both ERC-20 and ERC-23 tokens. In addition, you will be able to use Multiversum’s native token, the MTV, in other Blockchain environments. In other words, you can spend any token within Multiversum and spend MTV tokens anywhere else.

Enhanced Data Managing

The Multiversum team wants you to manage your data in a better way, One of the ways the platform does this is to decentralize operations. Other ways include making self-verification transactions and connecting various databases.

You can achieve all this by using the platform’s Crypto Relational Database. This database can group many data entities in complex graphs of data structure. The graphs are inter-related and easy to peruse.

Other Features

Transactions via Multiversum will go incredibly fast. Your digital wallet will get payments in 0.2 seconds. One-fifth of a second! The platform’s transaction throughput is what makes this possible. Its scalability is 64.000 TPS on a server with 64 cores. You will agree, that’s a lot.

Next, there’s the digital wallet. Each wallet in Multiversum will have biometric access. If someone steals it from you, you will be able to trace it and get it back more easily. And of course, wallets in Multiversum will be able to hold multiple different tokens at once.

And finally, let’s talk about the environment. Multiversum is possibly the most eco-friendly Blockchain platform out there. It can work with almost zero environmental footprints. That means that if you signed up for this platform, you would be both managing data better and saving the planet.

MTV Token ICO Sale

The native currency of Multiversum is, as you can imagine, the Multiversum token, or MTV. The total planned supply of MTV during the ICO sale is 141.000.000. Of this sum, the team will keep 15%, with 6% going to collaborators and 3% to partners and advisors. That means that you, the user, will be among the remaining 76% of recipients. When the sale ends, a single percent of the earnings will go to different charities.

The ICO sale of MTV is still under way. A $5.000.000 soft cap has been reached some time ago. If and when the hard cap of $35.000.000 is reached, the Multiversum team will halt all further donations. Right now, the price of one MTV is a dollar, so feel free to join.

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