Since it appeared in 2008, blockchain technology has evolved. First came the Bitcoin, which opened the market for many other cryptocurrencies. However, this first generation had its problems. It was slow, the forks were an issue, and it consumed a lot of energy. The second generation gave us the popular Ethereum. Simple asset tokenization and the Smart Contracts were appearing everywhere. Yet, the block sizes were small and, again, speed was an issue. The third generation is working on solving all of these problems. However, that didn’t stop the fourth from appearing seemingly out of nowhere. That didn’t stop Multiversum.

And Multiversum is…?

As stated, Multiversum is the fourth generation platform based on blockchain tech. Being a so-called Crypto Relational Database, it has, in fact, many different data chains. The most important goal of Multiversum is to solve the issues of speed, energy waste, and slow throughput. In other words, issues older generations of blockchain still deal with.

What it does better than the older generations is offer better, more flexible solutions for data organizing. Of course, you need these data structures to be safe and traceable. This is another area where Multiversum excels above it's competitors. The platform is a combo of blockchain technology and database managing, decentralizing apps, security, reliability, and auditing.

High Points of Multiversum

The Power of the Proof of Identity

This is an algorithm the platform will use for validation. It replaces the Proof of Work, as well as Proof of Stake. As a result of this, Multiversum can deliver more complex data organization faster and more efficiently. You will never have to worry about speed when it comes to organizing data.

Coins and tokens from other platforms will remain in use. Multiversum allows ERC-20 and ERC-23 integration. In addition to this, the platform’s currency, the MTV, can work with older blockchain environments as well.

Enhanced Data Management

This is what Multiversum is built for. They have a clear set of goals – decentralization, self-verifying transactions, staying interconnected. They achieve all of this with their new data storage solution, the Crypto Relational Database. This solution can work with multiple data entities. Said entities will be in groups of complex data structure graphs related amongst themselves.

Other Features and Solutions

The pride and joy of Multiversum is its transaction speed – 0.2 seconds for any transfer of funds. The transaction throughput is vast, with 64.000 TPS and support for 64+ cores technologies.

Then there’s the next generation wallet. Right now Multiversum is looking into biometric access. This will make it easy to recover a stolen wallet. Naturally, this wallet will feature multicurrency support. In other words, you can trade with any token or coin outside of the platform.

Finally, Multiversum is very eco-friendly. While you use this platform, you get next to zero environmental footprint for a low price. Considering how much importance the Multiversum team places into the green aspect of their product, this is indeed an impressive feat.

The MTV Sales

No, the Music Television isn’t selling anything. We’re talking about the Multiversum coin, or the MTV. As we stated earlier, you will be able to trade on Multiversum with any type of currency. This makes MTV one of the most versatile crypto coins currently on the market.

The Pre-ICO sales of MTV began on March 1st and will last until March 31st. You will get contribution bonuses as the sale progresses. They are as follows: 25% for anything between $0 to $1.000, 30% between $1.000 and $50.000, and 35% above $50.000.

The ICO sale is expected to start on April 16th and ends on May 10th. In periods of two weeks, you will get different bonuses. They are 20%, 15%, 10%, and 5%. Multiversum's set target is $65 million. On the other hand, the total token supply amounts to 141 million MTV ERC-20 tokens. Soft and hard caps are set at $5 million and $65 million.

A Few Closing Words

It is rare to see evolution in the making. Visiting will give you all the additional info on the Multiversum project. This includes their whitepaper and sales details, as well as their roadmap and team info. Be part of history and consider investing in this very promising project.

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