Project Streamity comes as an invention to provide reliable, cheap and fast cryptocurrency exchange platform. Here we are going to highlight why it is essential to invest in Streamity.

For many reasons, cryptocurrency is becoming very popular and unstoppable form of payment that is used to transfer ownership of property rights, pay for goods and services that the ordinary legal tender of a country can carry. It is the mostly unregulated currency that dares to bypass the central monetary systems and surprisingly is influencing trade and affecting economies.

Consequently, governments are jostling to regulate it or at least allow it as one of the accepted modes of payments in their countries. Cryptocurrencies are widely used and accepted in almost every continent with 54% usage in the United States of America, 33% in the Asian continent followed by 9% in the Australian continent. Africa and other places account for only 4% usage of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

So now it is quite evident that as people shift from the ordinary norms of doing business, there will be a paradigm shift in the way people incur expenditure and make payments. People and businesses will enter into contracts or buy goods and services using the various forms of cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum and Bitcoin. As a result, there must exist an exchange platform that interlinks the buyer and the seller.

Streamity Exchange Platform

The exchange platforms exist. However, the pain points of the present systems include non-reliability, insecurity and are expensive. Project Streamity has been created to serve this purpose effectively without exposing either of the parties to undue risks. Therefore, if you want to profit from running an online venture, the first thing you must consider is joining Streamity.

Well, Streamity is an emerging exchange technology that is blockchain based yet is one time P2P cryptocurrency exchange that instantly converts your cryptocurrency to a form of tender that is accepted by many governments. Since it was launched in 2017, it has issued a pre-ICO which is currently trading about 200,000 SMT tokens for around $2.8 million.

Streamity - The best cryptocurrency exchange

So why would we consider project Streamity as a game changer in the digital marketing niche?


It is very true that if you want to make a good value for your money, you must invest in a network that is very swift, cheaper and reliable. Streamity was built to take care of this virtues so that you don’t have time to worry about your cash but only on your core business.

Its reliability is guaranteed since it is a blockchain based technology whose transactions ledger is available publicly and can neither be manipulated or altered. Additionally, it uses a wide range of cryptocurrencies available in the market, and the transaction speed is expected to increase with this technology.

Imperatively, Streamity's reliability can be seen regarding volumes and size of transactions it carries. Most exchanges concentrate on offering services for excessive amounts, but Streamity's uniqueness lies in acceptance of small transactions.

Ease of Exchange

StreamDesk aggregator is a very useful feature in Streamity that facilitates an exchange of the cryptocurrency easily to any legally accepted form of payment. This feature is also essential as it allows the transaction to be carried as soon as possible without being interfered with by third parties.

Maximum security and Efficiency

Streamity has been built to ensure maximum security in every transaction being carried by two participants online. First, it carries out exchanges through smart contracts that are quite independent of any other parties thus promoting efficiency and security of the transaction. Secondly, it uses STM tokens that cannot be manipulated or altered. A unique token is assigned to every transaction and circulated through the Streamity. The transactions are also made publicly available to be seen and verified by everyone who is online. This ensures maximum security in every transaction.

Maximum Profit Exchange

Streamity is a promising project you must invest in if you want to maximize your profits. Why is it profitable to buy Streamity tokens? This is because it does not charge any commission or fees for any transaction which ensures that you reap maximum gain in your endeavor.


Streamity is a value-added service for your online business transactions with several benefits. It is prudent to leave the burden of exchange and worries by investing in exchange platforms of the Streamity’s caliber so that you can concentrate on your core business. You need to join the Streamity platform, which is very simple.

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