There is a cloud of speculation around what the GB System and how trustworthy it is. First, of, the system is based on the blockchain, a system that facilitates transparency. Before entering into a transaction with them, both professional and ordinary cryptocurrency traders should enter into a smart contract with them. With that assurance, clients can enjoy the cast GB Systems for all their crypto transactional needs.

About GB System

The GB System provides the solution of having a decentralized financial industry in the sense that it removes third parties between their services and clients. They are however a closed economy- everything takes places within the GB system. Clients are given the opportunity be part of different draws and events offered by the company on increase inclusivity and brand loyalty.

The company will continuously evolve to improve how they cater to client’s needs. Customers can get loans. They include car and mortgages loans with minimum interest rates. They will also have the option of opening deposit accounts, investment deposits and take part in the trust management fund. A global currency exchanger will be part of the GB System.

The currency for use within the system is GB Coin and will be used in the GB Markets stock exchange. Professional traders and ordinary users have access to these services. The aim of the network is to increase the amount of capital traded in the system. The ability to transact will be through the GB Wallet. With it, users can enjoy and pay for goods and services using crypto coins. The good thing about GB Coin is that holder can pay for taxi services while in different countries. Services include tours from selected operators accepting the GBCN cryptocurrency.

Offices will open in different countries to cater for citizens wishing to access these services. GB System claims that it’s unbiased in whom it allows accessing these services. Using GB Coin earns cardholder loyalty points. They get discounts and cashback from partner stores when they purchase goods or services. The GB Fund has trust management for clients to gain profits once a month.

GB Coin token privileges

Users will get discounted commissions for all services offered. These can be acquired either by using the GB Wallet or their bank card. For those wishing to work for the GB system, GB Coin token holders will get discounted rates for the training programs offered. The courses provided are run by global experts in cryptocurrencies and traditional finance and will be available both online and offline. One can also get a placement on the GB Markets exchange.

Progress made

The company will enter the GB Coin (GBCN) crypto exchange market in January of 2018. Tokens will get purchased on their system. Only half of the 40 000 000 tokens available will be traded. The rest will be used to transact within the GB system. A token will retail at 25 USD. As of December 2017, negotiations with Kraken and Bitrex were underway. At the end of the token sale, the company will begin the process of having GBCN available for trading in other large crypto exchanges.

Currently, the company has applied for several licenses for both central banks and to be a global service provider. They include the Central Banks of Russia and the European Union and more licenses to operate an investment fund, Fin Cen, Rpay as per the PCI DSS standard for credit cards, cryptocurrencies, insurance activity, multiple currency exchangers, and to act as a payment service provider.

They want their network of banks to be located in Russia, the European Union, and the United States of America. China will join in soon. The financial systems include GB Social, GB Grande Finance, GB Fund, GB Grande Bank, GB Royal Polo Club, GB Markets, GB Trade, GB Network and GB Port Russia. These services eliminate third party participants when making transactions.


This extensive network of services gives users a one-stop shop of what one requires to transact using their cryptocurrency freely. It accounts for almost all processes and services for a convenient payment system that crypto users hope to have.

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