A new age in cryptocurrency exchange with Bitmora

When Bitmora launches, it is set to revolutionize the world of digital currency exchange. The platform will offer low fees, a fantastic security system and a voting system where users can vote, and get, features that change with the times. This aspect of a continual upgrade is what set it apart from other altcoin companies.

Current market climate and what Bitmora is doing to change it

Since the launch of some of the renowned companies, most of have made little to no innovative improvements in how they operate and the functions they provide. Companies are often quick to state that their systems are secure, and shift the blame to the user after an incident. In reality, the company that lost funds from cyber theft possibly has outdated systems that make them attractive to hackers. Customer service is also always slow, and users with an issue often end up falling into the hands of third parties who take advantage of their lack of knowledge in a given area. Bitmora has noted these problems and has designed a system that mitigates them.

A lot of people want to take part in cryptocurrency exchange, but negative publicity has some holding back. The good thing is that emerging companies in the crypto economy are coming up with innovative ways to foster trust and encourage public participation. A unique approach used by this entity to quell the fears of many is the use of a voting system that allows members of the community to suggest and vote for features on the digital exchange application. Having a function you support implemented fosters ownership, and in part, you’re playing a role in the success of the company.

On the opening of Bitmora, over 40 cryptocurrency pairs users can trade on via the platform. Margin trading will be available from the first day. In the event of a DDoS attack, multiple failover engines will be in place to protect and secure the networks and servers.

What’s the end game?

At the heart of it, the goal of Bitmora is to place the future of cryptocurrency in the care of users. The reason why they talk about the future and not the present is that their system is not decentralized. For the outsider, one can think that the organization is not following the fundamental principle of digital currency. Their reasoning behind this, like their voting system, in the initial stages, they have to go with community demands. The centralized system they have in place is mainly for traders and investors who find using and maintaining their wallet keys cumbersome.

However, their long-term goal is to decentralize, and thus placing the future in crypto activists hands. This process will start with optional importing and exporting your private key to eventually giving you sole control of the keys. If a user is not confident in their expertise to handle what comes with decentralization, they have the option to continue within the centralized system.

How they will be making waves

Another new item Bitmora wants to bring to the ecosystem is the cryptocurrency exchange fee system. Unlike other platforms, users are at liberty to choose a fee that works best for them depending on that they are trading and the volume traded. The options provided are fixed rates and basic percentages and can be changed anytime by sending a request to the support team. This liberty may cause some users to abuse it; a seven-day turnaround prevents this.

Upon launch, Bitmora will likely have the world’s best web interface, iOS and Android app in the cryptocurrency sphere that houses a trading platform and a voting system. The beta unveiling will be in the early part of the first quarter of 2018, while the full launch will be later in the same quarter.

For more information :

Website: https://bitmora.com

Twitter: twitter.com/bitmora_inc