The arrival of cryptocurrency and the ICO has brought a demand for simple, transparent, and especially trusted mode of transaction. Technology had both been friend and foe, especially when there is dishonesty among the members of an ecosystem. The market is changing rapidly, and so are the rules of engagement. Blockchain technology is currently acting as the ‘savior’ of this era. Many traders in the past only wished for a time when investing would be transparent and stress-free. That time is here with Nousplatform.

Blockchain gives investors in cryptocurrency and ICO a means of secure trading. They can sell, buy or exchange their assets. The technology is designed to be user-friendly, and anyone interested in investing does not require a minimum amount to get involved. The commission per transaction is low, and no signoff or paperwork is needed to use blockchain. Those participating in this system can buy tokens from a company with an ICO.

The means of operating has paved the way for entities dealing in cryptocurrency portfolio and crypto assets to create investments funds. At first, these funds were hesitant due to the deregulated nature of the crypto economy. Now that there are more regulations in place, they are now confident enough to engage in this niche market. In years to come, if the current trend is anything to go by, crypto will be traded as normal currency. The only difference is that it will be in a digital format.

Nousplatform provides a platform where new investments funds can rip the benefits of blockchain technology. It is however not just for large institutions wanting to invest and make money. Any individual that wants to be part of the platform can join. They aren’t treated any differently; they’ll get the same utility as a large corporation would.

Providing solutions

Many investment funds face challenges when it comes to raising capital. On the other hand, investors are having a hard time in knowing whom to trust with their resources. Another challenged that these two groups of people face are intermediaries. These go-between parties tend to increase operational costs as they demand administrative and transaction fees. With blockchain, there’s no need of this group of people/ institution. Funds go directly to the investment fund while the investor gets full disclosure of how they are money is used. The investor has more control over what they can do with their assets. They have the freedom to liquidate should they desire to do so.


Nousplatform provides the desired transparency that comes with blockchain technology. People who want to place their assets in investment funds no longer have to grapple with the legitimacy of a report. These entities, by default, have to be more accountable when dealing with their investor’s cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.

With plenty of startups delving into crypto, Nousplatform safeguards investor transaction to reduce the massive losses witnessed in the recent past. Those skeptical about cryptocurrency will find that the measures put in place greatly reduce the risk of trading in the crypto economy.

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