Octoin is a multifunctional platform which offers a wide range of tools for earning money, a promising career for its employees, and announced a new cryptocurrency.

Ryan Murthy, the head of the Software Department at Octoin said:

"The goal of Octoin is to give maximum functionality to users to work with crypto-currencies in one place. With us, you don’t need to keep dozens of wallets for each coin – everything can be brought together in a single Octoin wallet and managed from one platform. Our mission is to make crypto-currencies simple and affordable"

Octoin has a lot to offer, passive investors, access to a wide range of investment portfolios, and mining equipment on a lease as well.

If we talk about the framework, P2P has been implemented. If you don't know about the P2P exchange platform, cryptocurrencies are exchanged for free using this. And in 3 months, it might become the most significant platform for the exchange of fiat assets and cryptocurrencies.

On top of that, Octoin will also behave as an information portal for the users. The users will get latest news, analysis, and they will also be getting recommendations from experts about the best strategies and about the perfect time of buying and selling coins.

The company will also be offering promotion of digital business to its active users and to build up an international career. Another critical thing to mention here is that they will also launch their own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin.


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