Omega One Appoints Jose Marques as Advisor

Omega One is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is expected to launch in 2018. They just appointed the former head of trading at Bridgewater Associates, Jose Marques as their Advisor.

Omega One aims to provide a decentralised and automated trade execution platform to all the traders, investors, and institutions out there. This system will implement their trades across all the exchanges intelligently by shielding them from counter-party risks and at reduced transactions cost.

Marques was the global head of electronic trading at Deutsche Bank, and he also had some senior roles at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse before he joined Bridgewater.

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“The maturation of cryptocurrencies as an asset class is being constrained due to problems with liquidity, security and compliance,” said Marques.

“Omega One is strongly positioned to solve these problems by upgrading the market infrastructure needed to remove these barriers, which will ultimately enable blockchain technology to reach its full potential of creating a more inclusive, efficient and empowering financial system. Omega One’s team understands the generational pains of market maturity and how to build the tools to enable and to create the security for the consumer and the institution.”

The CEO of Omega One, Alan Keegan said:

“Jose has been at the forefront of electronic trading, having led the efforts of the world’s largest financial institutions. We believe the team we are assembling is poised to facilitate the birth of the financial system of the future.”

The pre-sale for its tokens on Ehtereum is currently open for public.