Omnitude is aiming to get rid of the problems plaguing e-commerce at every level, and they are ready to do it with technology that everyone can contribute in the long run to make it better.

Omnitude is coming to change the way e-commerce is being handled at every level and to avoid scams and losses for every type of businesses, no matter the size of their operation. The company is working on the development of a middleware plug-and-play platform that runs in a blockchain ecosystem. The add-on is being built on Hyper ledger Fabric that will be programmed to be used in any form of e-commerce business that is looking to integrate their operations to the adoption of blockchain technology. The team working on this new solution is well aware of the problems that have come from distribution chains as web-based business has increased their presence online over the past four years. Being a part of the system as a whole will give the user a reputation protected against fraud and identity theft.

Setting up the operation: Getting the player in place

All the players involved in the structure of e-commerce are invited to join the platform: merchants, suppliers, couriers, referrers, affiliate and of course the customers. Each will be given an OID by the platform that will tie their identity to a node accommodated to their role within the ecosystem. Each node plays a role in making the network secure and reliable by using the custom-made EOM tokens designed to handle every transaction on the network. As more nodes participate on operations and provide their feedback, the community will grow with a whitelisted group of participants on every level that will be 100% reliable on sight as their profile will speak of their capabilities as services providers.

Building a trustworthy ecosystem

In the Omnitude platform, the reputation will not be the only aspect that speaks about participants. The system is designed to do verifications of ID if the behavior of any user for some reason doesn't follow the preconceived notions of their role in the network. By doing a full check on the ledger associated with their node, the system will avoid any identity theft. The detailed records kept by the blockchain logs of each user grant full-on transparency with searching features that will let you or the people looking at your track record, see how well you do under specific situations. Users will be able to anchor your best performances to have a better idea of your integrity as a user or your trustworthiness for a particular role they might need you for.

The main technology behind this ecosystem

One of the main features to create, store and handle all this data was already mentioned above. Of course, we are talking about the Hyper Ledger, created and hosted by Linux. Their signature blockchain protocol is one of the main technologies creating the bridges between business owners and consumers. It's also the toll facilitating the transactions in the ecosystem. The open code sourcing is structured to accept improvements at any moment, and it also gives the possibility to mass adoption by retail commerce. The Hyper Ledger is built for integration, and as such, they are available to adapt their code to work with other blockchains that are willing to adjust their system to expand the original network and play trustworthy roles.

How to handle information and trade secrets?

The ID confirmation provided by Omnitude is the key to make the system wholly auditable and secure. While at the moment each user has to deal with multiple security keys and verifications to confirm their IDs, the company is working with established companies to develop methods of verification that are more effective while they are also creating the settings for private transactions and contracts by request. These instruments are needed to keep the system ethical and have every company keep their trade secrets to themselves, as well as the size of their deals from reaching their competitors. Not a lofty set of goals if we dare say so. If you want to read more about their plans and the current state of their work you can visit






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