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Anyone who has been waiting for an online platform that can replace the need for one-on-one and offline meetings can soon sigh with relief thanks to OnLive. Besides the inconvenience, offline services for anyone looking for opportunities in broadcast or anyone looking to earn money by presenting valuable content is complicated and costly too. OnLive seeks to solve the inconvenience and high cost of services delivery.

The OnLive Network is a live video streaming protocol that is supported by the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology ensures and assures you complete decentralization, high levels of scalability, as well as an open market for uncensored live media broadcasts worldwide.

OnLive Network makes it possible for anyone to become a broadcaster while earning money following the presentation of valuable content on different business models. Some of these models include Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-stream advertising, Subscription Plans, and donations or tips, among others.

The access to the OnLive Network services is fast, unlimited, and easy. The best part is that if you are looking for content, you are most likely able to access content of the highest quality.

Therefore, The OnLive Network refers to an open and a decentralized marketplace for streaming, broadcasts, transcoding services and direct 1-to-1 online consultations.

The market

In 2015, the global video streaming market for all live services was valued at $30.9 billion. However, it was estimated that the value of the market would grow by 16 percent between 2017 and 2024 reaching $123.2 billion. These numbers show that there is a huge underutilized market and OnLive seeks to fill that gap. The OnLive Network also takes advantage of the increasing numbers of online users, the technological advancements, as well as the development of high-quality content and subscription services and channels.

Live Streaming Services Open Market

Decentralized marketplaces

The OnLive Network comprises of three entirely decentralized marketplaces. All the marketplaces make it possible for users to offer or buy services such as live broadcasts and computing power directly from each other without the need for intermediaries.

With the blockchain assuring complete decentralization and the smart contracts eliminating the need for intermediaries or censorship, the OnLive Network promises to be the best marketplace for live streaming services.

Types of decentralized marketplaces

  • The Transcoding Marketplace

This is where the transcoders place their transcoding offers. All the offers are required to specify parameters like format the can transcode to and from, the guaranteed capacity, as well as the Transcoding Initial Fee.

Broadcasters allocate the Transcoding Initial Fee before the streaming starts. With this fee, no one joins the broadcast. At the same time, broadcasters are required to place their orders for transcoding services in the marketplace if there aren’t any other transcoders who meet their requirements.

A transcoder has the right to refuse to process of content if the content violates the local laws although the broadcaster can look for another transcoder.

  • Streaming marketplaces

The decentralized streaming marketplace allows transcoders and relay nodes to place or accept transmission offers

  • Live Broadcasts Marketplace

This is the place where anyone can start a broadcast from either one of multiple destinations to a wide audience simultaneously. These include presentation of offers, practical tutorials, conferences, workshops, or open training sessions.

It is a complementary function to private sessions. The advantage of the live broadcasts is the fact that broadcasting to a wide audience encourages the potential audience to switch to individual calls later. Also, the broadcasters gain prestige, and this reinforces their prestige.

  • Live Services Marketplace

This is the place where all service providers and creators offer their services using online (mobile and web), audio, and video broadcasts. On the other end, all viewers or service customers get to use the marketplace quickly to search offers of specialists ready to offer their services.

This is the place for finding talented individuals and specialists like legal and medical consultants. You can find guitar lessons too. This platform allows placement of 1:1 or 1 to 8 broadcast offers.

The public broadcasts have two basic solutions for fee collection – Pay Per View and Pay Per Minute.

Other marketplaces include subscription plans, tips and donations, and advertising.

Keep in mind that anyone with internet access can use this platform and it offers a convenient system for easy access to information without having to leave the house. The steady growth of OnLive Network depends on the presence of buyers and sellers. The other KPIs include Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), Customers Lifetime Value (CLTV complete), and Recurring Cost of Service (RCS)

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