OnLive refers to a platform that is expected to revolutionalize remote consultations and video broadcasts. If you have been looking for an online platform that lets you access medical or legal consultative services from the comfort of your home, this is it.

The OnLive Network offers unlimited availability, as well as scalability by making use of the blockchain technology plus a completely decentralized peer-to-peer network. As long as you have bandwidth and processing power, you can access and contribute to the network.

All the smart incentivization of the contributions create and guarantee the decentralization, thereby creating an economy. The economy is driven by ONL Tokens.

ONL Token

The ONL Token is the integral element the OnLive Network. It is used as the currency for transmission as well as the transcoding services to incentivize the decentralized computing that is necessary for video broadcasts. As the only payment option, it is the most important elements or content use, offers, as well as video streaming.

The ONL Token is a standard ER20token deployed on the Ethereum network. Since the token is predetermined, it is available in limited supply. But, that isn’t all. The ONL Token is easily integrable with both the decentralized and the traditional exchanges.

As mentioned above, the ONL Tokens are predetermined – the total supply is 100 mln units divisible up to 18 decimal places. This means that you will not access any additional tokens to mine or mint in future.

In the final version, ONL Token is a cryptocurrency which allows instant, as well as cost-free transactions within the OnLive Network.

Use of ONL Tokens

ONL tokes are the sole payment method within the OnLive Network. As an ONL Token user, you can only use the tokens to pay for broadcasters or the content they provide. You also need the tokens for the one-to-one online video services and to pay transcoders for their transcoding services. This ONL Token is also necessary for relaying nodes for broadcasts.


Besides its role as the means of transacting within the OnLive Network, you also need these tokens for the following:

  • To run the economy

Like any other market, the OnLive Network is a complete economic market. I more users join the OnLive Network, then the utility of the ONL Token rises. Also, you can use the ONL Token as a value transfer mechanism between the users in the OnLive Network, and the on sites using the OnLive Technologies, or the networks that are part of the OnLive Network.

It is important to note that there exist different types of marketplaces. However, most of the marketplaces, especially the broadcast ones ensure that users broadcast their content to a big audience encouraging potential customers to switch between content providers. Also, the broadcasters get paid, and in that, they gain prestige for their skills.

  • A Source of profit

Thanks to the use of the ONL Tokens within the OnLive Network, content authors get the chance of making profits easily as there exist numerous tools on the platform. The OnLive Network also ensures that the content creators receive active system support when acquiring new customers.

Monetization Principles

These vary depending on the model and the type of services offered.

Individual consultations: these may be afforded freely or for a fixed charge that the author and the user agree on. The rates are negotiable, but this applies on a case-to-case basis.

Since the system comes with an escrow and a billing system, it secures the charge for the consultation contract’s duration. The billing and the escrow system give the author of the content confidence that the user will pay for their service. Also, it gives you certainly of high-quality consulting.

Public broadcasts: these are addressed to large audiences. For this, the OnLive Network offers two basic payment solutions.

  • Pay per View: In this system, the customers are subjected to an initial fee, also called the ticket. This has no time limit.
  • Pay Per Minute: this system allows the charging of viewers for every started minute of the broadcast.

Note that the monetization systems also provide for other options like In-Stream Payments, advertising, subscription plans and tips or donations.

The OnLive Tokens are functional in private sessions marketplaces, public broadcast marketplaces, transcoding marketplaces, Pay Per Minute, and Pay Per View, among other systems.

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