The OnLive Platform seeks to revolutionalize video broadcasts and remote consultations by offering unlimited scalability as well as availability through the utilization of the blockchain technology as well as a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

The system assures all its users of a high level of transactional and content security. It also uses high-quality transcoding and a relay node added to the user’s rating system plus proof of stake. Wondering how the network guarantees quality? Well, the users are required to provide best quality content, and they are penalized when there are significant numbers of complaints about the transmission quality.

Besides these features which ensure that you get the best quality content, the OnLive Network also offers several functionalities which enhance usage and services delivery. The functionalities include:

A messaging platform

This feature ensures that every service provider or a content creator gains access to the people who wish to initiate contact through chat. The messaging platform makes sure that you chat and a get rapidly prepared and dedicated system for offers and the exchange of files.

The messaging/ chat platform comes with several tools all of which ensure that you transact efficiently and quickly.

Every participant of the chat can upload files, and the owner of the channel can create dedicated offers for clients directly through the chat platform. The channel owner can also come up with dedicated offers and negotiated durations of the consultation and the terms of the services.

Through this messing platform, the customers, will, after entering the chat through the channel see the offers and then ask about them. The system automatically sends a query which shortens the communication time between the users.

Once you send a dedicated offer, the customer receives information on the offered transaction on the chat as well as the dates of the execution as per the service provider’s calendar.

Payment options

Depending on the form of service offered, ever content creator or service provider accesses various ready-made billing models with the respective customers. The payment models make it possible for users to settle payments for real-time broadcasts, private sessions, or to pay for joining live broadcast PPM/ PPV, or subscription models.


The use of OnLive Tokens allows the users of the OnLive Platform to earn and also pay for different services. But for you to buy OnLive tokens, you require an integrated wallet that allows you access and the go-ahead to purchase services through various methods like credit cards or bank transfers.

To enhance service delivery, OnLive Network has developed a system which stores all the information about the transactions made through the platform. The system also monitors the amount of ONLs in every account.

Note that you need to have funds in your wallet account for you to order services or to gain access to broadcasts.


This is one of the most important elements of OnLive. This is because it helps in maintaining the integrity of the system. There are two forms of verifications: account refinements and recommendations.

Every channel owner can supplement information which will result in a point rating of the channel while offering information to the prospective channel customers.

The selected, verified users on the system will then get to carry out the second type of verification. The second verification option concerns the verification of channels that require licensing to operate for example lawyers and doctors.

My Calendar

This is a system that allows users to schedule individual consultations or the ones who wish to buy access to public broadcasts.

Therefore, My Calendar refers to this place where anyone can access a list of all the available broadcast subscriptions plus a list of all the services they have used or bought.

From the calendar, users can request a change of date for consultations or even share links to public broadcasts with friends.

As a user, you will also browse through the list of lost opportunities using My Calendar. From this position, you can write to the service provider and try to request for their services again.


Every channel on the OnLive platform has its own profile, and it contains information about the service provider or the creator of the content. The channel system allows channel owners to modify and improve on their contents freely. They can supplement the content, and their customers get to read about this information as well as other recommendations for the channels.

Other functionalities include:

  • Reputation systems
  • Escrow system and dispute resolution
  • A system of awards and bonuses

Note that most these features are now decentralized increasing the ONL Token utility.

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