With the fairly recent uprise of technology and users’ devotion to it, also came the arrival of cryptocurrency. This article aims to explain what cryptocurrency actually is and introduce you to a recent concept that might be the future of economy.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of exchange in digital units. It derives from the Greek word ‘kryptós’, which means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. Cryptocurrency mimics the currency and banking system that we know and operate with on a daily base. In other words, it’s a virtual currency. It has its own public database of transactions, which makes it easy to work with.

The first and most well-known virtual currency is without a doubt BitCoin. It was established in 2009. Today it is widely-spread and used by millions and millions of people.

Cryptocurrency is surely the future of money exchange. Growing every day and spreading its roots, it seems logical that it would take over at some point.

Having said all that, I want to now address a new concept that truly seems unique and promising.

What is Opiria?

Opiria is a platform that was recently launched. Its goal is to serve as a marketplace for personal data of customers. This company largely emphasizes the importance and value of your personal data.

Companies gather your data through your computer, smartphone or tablet using your browser history, Facebook, Twitter activity and many more. Every day they collect huge amounts of information from you, without you even knowing it. This, of course, resulted in major outrage from customers. Because of that, they started protecting themselves as much possible and even providing fake information to protest. Given that companies use this info to create new products and services that will appeal to consumers, this causes a series of discordances between companies and consumers. Besides that, consumers receive no compensation for the valuable information they provide. But they definitely should. By rewarding the data shared by customers, everyone could benefit.

To prevent such issues from reoccurring, Opiria has created a new way of thinking. Not only do they share awareness towards personal data theft, but they also designed a platform that would potentially solve the previously mentioned issue.

What is a PDATA Token?

Users all around the world can now choose which info they want to disclose and get rewarded. This includes things such as age, gender, demographics, as well as personal opinions about various subjects and companies. As I already said, this information is extremely relevant to companies in order to connect with customers and have better sales.

With this intention, Opiria has created a cryptocurrency called a Token. So, each time you provide personal information via their app, you will receive a Token. This company also guarantees protection of your data, as well as secure and effortless trading that anyone can get the hang of. You can also exchange these Tokens for real money.

To sum it up, it appears that Opiria is up to something that might revolutionize the way we perceive cryptocurrency. Maybe even how we perceive currency, in general. If this highly ambitious project goes worldwide, we could be talking real changes. This could provide new income sources to basically anyone who uses the Internet. That sounds nice, to be honest. Let’s start by downloading the app and trying it out first hand, shall we?

Links of interest:

Website: https://www.opiria.io

Whitepaper: https://www.opiria.io/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PDATA_Token


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