If you ever looked to get a billboard ad for your business, you know that there’s a load of hoops you have to jump through to do it. A lot of time, effort, and funds go into that process, and you have to plan months ahead if you want the best results. However, a new blockchain-based platform might change all that.

Blockchain technologies and platforms have brought many new, different options to the world of marketing. They offer a different way to hire marketing professionals, designers, and strategists. They enable a different approach to how you do your market research. And, most importantly, they give you novel ways to target your audience.

That’s where Bidooh steps in.

What is Bidooh?

Simply put, Bidooh is a UK-based company that created a blockchain-based platform that makes digital billboard advertising accessible and simple.

Thanks to this platform, any advertiser can visit the website or download the Bidooh app, create their ad, choose among targeting options and hit the Publish button.

Bidooh will then check the advert quickly, approve it, and upload it to the screen the advertiser selected in real-time.

Problem Solving

Marketers love Facebook, Instagram, and Google. But why? Because it is possible to target your audience based on their gender, education, interests, relationship status, location, and many other elements. However, when it comes to the “out of home” market, or billboards, things are different.

You can’t create several different ads that target specific segments of your audience and deliver it precisely. You have to make one creative solution that will impact all of your target groups and hope it delivers good results.

At least that’s what you have had to do until now. Bidooh is here to revolutionize “out of home” marketing.

According to Abdul Alim, Bidooh co-founder and CEO, this company will transplant elements of online ad targeting to billboards.

But how?

Bidooh will equip existing digital billboards with a box and a high-resolution, high-speed camera. That camera will use a facial recognition software to determine who is in front of it and deliver ads accordingly. That means that you will be able to target ads via Bidooh based at least on gender, age, facial hair, emotion, and accessory use.


*Ad creation

*Ad targeting

*Monitoring platform

*Audience insights

*Connecting businesses, media agencies, and billboard owners via Bidooh tokens

*Real-time impression-based digital advertising

Who Will Use Bidooh?

Media agencies, advertisers, billboard owners, and even consumers – they can all benefit from this system.

Billboard owners simply need to plug in one of the Bidooh boxes to become a part of this global network. Marketing agencies and advertisers just need to join the Bidooh community, and they will be able to publish ads within minutes, if not seconds.

Finally, consumers simply need to be registered and watch digital ads placed in front of them by BIdooh. As a result, consumers are rewarded tokens that they can redeem at participating retailers and restaurants.


The public pre-sale for Bidooh tokens started on the 1st of October. The ICO will launch on the 31st of October. During the public pre-sale, you can get 2.000 Bidooh DOOH tokens for $1, as they are currently on a 13% discount.

Just for reference, according to the company’s whitepaper, one token is equal to one advert on a digital screen. Moreover, one advert lasts 10 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Although their website isn’t particularly simple to navigate, and relevant information about their offer isn’t boldly stated in the first sentence of the first page, Bidooh really has a lot to offer. This platform is the one to watch carefully in the years to come.

Website: https://bidooh.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bidoohuk

Telegram: https://t.me/bidoohio

Whitepaper: https://bidooh.io/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf


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