Pecunio – Blockchain Banking Made Easy

The cryptocurrency market is growing. In fact, it’s getting bigger on an almost daily basis. New and more reliable blockchain platforms pop up everywhere on the globe, and even the ones that started it all, Bitcoin and Ethereum, show no signs of stopping. However, fiat banks are closing away their services in this particular field for many reasons. The biggest reason would be the instability of the cryptocurrency market. Now, while you don’t really need a bank to invest in a cryptocurrency platform, you do need something to make your dealings in this area a bit easier. This is where Pecunio comes in.

What Is Pecunio?

The CMO of Pecunio, Dominik Berger, describes it as the first-ever decentralized investment crypto market platform. The idea behind it is that, while various platforms have various benefits, not one has all of them. For example, some offer a crypto card, whereas others give a crypto fund. Then you have somewhere whereyou can trade, while some have a coin exchange option. Right there, you’d need four different platforms for four different things.

But Pecunio will cover all of this. In fact, you will have an all-in-one investment platform for the crypto market. Before, you had to spend hours just going through normal transactions and setups for various online platforms. Pecunio solves these problems in three ways. First, you can exchange real money for cryptocurrency on the platform. Second, you can invest money in a crypto fund that is very diversified. This fund currently performs with 37% per month with the maximum downside of 4.5%. Third, you get a crypto card, which will make spending what you earn easier.

Why Pecunio Is Unique

Imagine having Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripple, Neo, and others all in one place. Then imagine freely using them on a single platform with little to no losses. All of this done easily, with access to fiat currency and the platform’s own token, the PCO.

This is what the Pecunio team wants. They aim to create a place where you can manage up to six different currencies in one place. It is far from a platform that just offers a single application. In fact, it is an all-in-one solution for your crypto market needs.

The decentralized nature of Pecunio makes it safer than most other platforms. You might think that this should be the other way around. That this business model makes Pecunio unsafe or even dangerous. However, if we judge Pecunio only on its performance, we can confirm that safety isn’t a problem.

Cryptocurrency Misconceptions

As is the case with all new business ventures, the crypto market has a fair share of people that don’t think too highly of it. Moreover, there are some who believe that this new area of the economy is too scary for new users. In other words, you might not understand all the new terms that are unique to blockchain platforms. Or you might just rush into it all without thinking it over.

The team behind Pecunio understands this, and one of their goals is to break this misconception. They intend to make crypto trade easier for the regular user, more easy to understand and efficient.

Pecunio’s Clientele

The CMO of Pecunio assures all potential users that the platform has many verified investors. These include business veterans as well as everyday users. Their current clientele generated a monthly return of 45%, which is amazing and shows you just how good Pecunio is.

How to Change the Industry

Pecunio’s goal is simple – make the crypto market accessible to everyone, and make it easy. All of the technical details are handled in the background. The user only has the basic, easy to understand interaction with this platform as they trade in the crypto market. In other words, it’s like a regular bank account but based in blockchain.

User Mistakes

The biggest problem on the crypto market is that all cryptocurrencies are unstable. This is an issue that the team behind Pecunio is well aware of. However, the solution is in decentralizing and diversifying. The more options you have on the market, the better. You can safely invest your money and if you lose it on one asset, you retain it in others. The CMO himself states that it’s better to invest in several platforms because of how unstable the market can be.

The Future of Pecunio

Naturally, the team behind this project are thinking ahead. Their business model will include scanning for platforms that have a sustainable business model. These will remain with the platform and provide revenue for potential investors. Moreover, there will also be a trading platform as part of the already existing Pecunio account. Any crypto trader will gain access to the service as a result.

If you’d like to learn more about Pecunio, visit their official page at You will have the ICO sales data and the whitepaper ready for more detailed information.