You may look at the topic and think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill, but PlayKey has shown us what can be accomplished using the Blockchain network. This is a big win for the Blockchain network too as there has been an increased focus on finding other uses of this ready supply of computer hardware. For the sake of those who are not familiar with these terms yet, let us explain in more detail.

PlayKey = Game streaming

Playkey is poised to be a revolutionary cloud gaming solution, invented to make all hardware intensive hardcore games available on any device, including your Smart TV, PC, Mac, IPTV set-top-box, gaming console and tablet without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU. Playkey service is based on streaming technology where games are launched on a server and streamed to the end user device. Users just need access to a device capable of streaming video and a broadband internet connection with connection speeds of 4mbps+. The system adopts an adaptive bit rate used to personalize stream to high speed and low broadband speed customers. It is easy to initialize and to play a game on PlayKey, you just need a controller (gamepad, keyboard or mouse) and download a small plugin on your device.

The idea of Playkey is to create an ever evolving ecosystem for cloud gaming based on P2P and blockchain technologies, providing games without users having to purchase a high-end PC or console. The system is built of the interconnection of the blockchain network and features:

  • An unpatrolled access to the blockchain network, PlayKey has agreements with dozens of independent owners of powerful computers worldwide (miners) united within a community, and acting as cloud gaming service providers. This collective ensures smooth gameplay and competition once the system becomes popular.
  • A unified system of payment, Playkey has a single universal ecosystem cryptocurrency, called the PKT token, which will be issued via the ICO. PKT will be used for all transactions and this will make transactions smoother as players won’t need to worry about conversion rates.
  • Highly unified standards of cloud gaming service (SLA) set in the form of a miner-gamer smart contract. This contract ensures that you do not lose your gameplay at any point in time.
  • The Playkey Foundation, which is designed to be the governing and community regulating body, the foundation is also the issuer of the PKT token, and responsible for service and ecosystem development.

Just how important is PlayKey?

Playkey is on a mission to make games available everywhere and for everybody. The fact is, gaming is on the move to the cloud, following video, music and other services, and this is just the beginning. Buying the latest computer hardware just to play an AAA game title just doesn’t cut it anymore. Cloud gaming is 10x cheaper for gamers than owning personal gaming hardware. This is because the PlayKey technology leverages the share economy principles. Technological development of GPUs, the Internet, and low-latency streaming, have diminished the demand for personal gaming hardware. Popular opinion is that the next generation of consoles could be the last one that is based on hardware.

Moving gaming into the cloud has so many advantages and so little disadvantages, it has now become inevitable. About 70% of Steam players are unable to play AAA titles like GTA V in high resolution, and 30% of players cannot even run such titles on their obsolete PCs. With these figures, it is easy to see that the demand for cloud gaming will continue to grow.

PlayKey ICO

PlayKey plans on starting its ICO sales on the 1st November 2017 while ending on 30th November 2017. You can also take part in the presale which is currently ongoing and minimum contribution is pegged at 60 ETH (or $17k). We would advise you to hurry now as presale investors can get as much as a 35% discount on purchase of PKT-tokens. In its ICO, PlayKey is going to distribute 100.000.000 PKT Tokens as follows:

  • PKT Tokens sold 60% — 60.000.000;
  • PKT Tokens for the Team 20% — 20.000.000;
  • PKT Tokens for the Foundation 12.5 % — 12.500.000;
  • PKT Tokens for the advisers 6% — 6.000.000;
  • PKT Tokens for bounty — 1.5 % — 1.500.000


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