Playkey’s Revolutionary Platform

Picture this scenario, you have always been an avid lover of video games. During the early years of video games, you’ve had your parents purchase the best consoles released: From the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to the revolutionary Sony PlayStation all the way to Microsoft Xbox. Games are your passion; a world you can escape to; somewhere you can experience things not possible in real life. But advancement technology is a progressive thing, and video games are no exception.

Games of the modern era blur the line between reality and fiction because they are so realistic, engaging and interactive. Consoles and gaming PCs are increasingly becoming expensive because hardware with greater processing power is necessary to efficiently run these demanding games. A report in 2017 by Newezoo’s Global Games reveals there are over 2.2 billion gamers in the world, but the hardware these people need to run games are becoming unaffordable. A solution was found in the form of cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming simply means a cloud-gaming server running a game. In more simplistic terms, it’s like playing a game but without the console; a cloud server streams the game to your device instead, which can be a monitor, tablet or even phone. Playkey is the leading provider in this

Reports from gaming industries’ giants like Gamespot all agree cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Playkey aspires to provide the best service by giving users the opportunity to play their games on all devices. One of Playkey’s main missions is to provide an affordable platform where gamers can purchase and play games. One way they attempt to achieve this is by creating a symbiotic relationship between gamers and those providing servers to stream the games from. They call the service providers ‘miners’.

There won’t be any need for gamers to purchase expensive hardware because that will be the purpose of these miners. The miners will use their hardware to stream games to people worldwide. Thus, many of these games that were once too demanding for the gamer’s hardware will now be run by the miners. Doing this cuts down expenses for gamers since they needn’t purchase hardware anymore, and since the miners will be paid for their service, it’s also beneficial to them.

Games are more than just simple forms of entertainment as the revenue they are expected to generate in the year 2017 alone is 108.90 billion dollars. It is multi-billion dollar industry. The medium through which Playkey aspires to make transactions in the ecosystem they create for gamers and service providers is cryptocurrency (digital asset) called PKT token. This will essentially serve as currency used for purchase of games. This cryptocurrency will thus be converted to real currency to pay the miners, staff of Playkey among other individuals and teams. These same funds will be used to further develop the ecosystem.

Games are here to stay. Just like movies and music, they are now heading into the cloud. This is a more affordable and convenient option for almost all gamers , because you can carry your gaming wherever you are. All you need is a device with a screen, a feature that allows for controls to play the games and that can access the internet.