Nowadays, cryptocurrency exchanges have become one of the most crucial components of the said industry. They have successfully integrated and facilitated the fiat conversion to cryptocurrencies while enabling virtual trading at the same time. One of the downsides is that these companies tend to neglect the customers’ valuable experience and focus more on the bottom line of the trading system. PriorityEx is a bit different in that regard as their focus is on the needs of its customers (as its name suggests).

PriorityEx consists of four advisors, six founders, and twenty currently employed people. Since they are still in the process of launching everything, their website does not feature any biographies or info about the company’s members. However, they do plan to set up everything and hire even more people upon the platform’s launch.

What they showcase as a company is reliability, convenience, and user-friendly services which transform the whole customer experience. The institution’s services currently include margin and spot trading, multiple-currency wallet, peer to peer exchange, investment box, and initial coin offering pair with fiat.

The founders of PriorityEx noticed several things while examining the today’s industry of cryptocurrency exchange. First of all, they noticed that there are no central customer services. Second, they noticed the struggle of most businesses to join the virtual platform with the physical ones by using the already existing infrastructure. Lastly, they noticed that there was a limitation when it comes to the assets for trading.

The founding of PriorityEx was caused by the fact that blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency-related technologies, saw a rise in popularity in the recent years. Someone needed to step in and transform the trend. PriorityEx does just that by presenting a huge variety of cryptocurrency assets ready for trading to the customers.

PriorityEx aims to fuse the world of virtual currencies with that of fiat. They actively continue developing a system that stands on its own and solves the difficulties regarding multilingual support, fiat currency support limitations, real-time trading, security of the assets, initial coin offering, etc. This is how PriorityEx plans to improve the overall experience for both traders and customers.

What makes PriorityEx different is the trading fee rebates that allow for maximization of customer’s profits, integration of an offline multi-signature wallet, 2FA authentication, and the inclusion of fiats. There are some additional benefits such as fast KYC processing, multilingual cryptocurrency trade, non-stop customer support, and peer to peer exchange.

PriorityEx explores more options to improve the customer experience by making the whole process of withdrawing and depositing currencies more simple. They are launching their multi wallet debit card which gives you the ability to spend fiat or cryptocurrencies in the wallet. Some people consider this to be an ambitious step. But it can be an interesting innovation if they execute its development properly.

The cards resemble the already present debit cards (Master Card, Union Play). The only difference is that they are linked to users’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Their purpose is to utilize various transactions such as shopping for goods, paying bills, and money transfer to institutions or third party individuals. What UnionPay and Master Card do is that they allow for an increased convenience when it comes to withdrawing from the exchange account.

PriorityEx is also working on ensuring the conversion from offering tokens to fiat. They hope to eliminate the entire process of trading based on using Bitcoin or Ethereum pairs. Their solution is to pair the coin offering tokens with fiat.

Currently, PriorityEx covers following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, Burma, Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Their current goal is to increase the marketing in Southeast Asia. However, they hope to expand to other parts of the world in the near future and make the platform a multilingual one by featuring it in more than 15 different languages. In order for that to happen, the company has to receive more publications in the English language regarding cryptocurrencies.

There is a huge interest in the company at the moment. Their facebook page has around thirty thousand likes while their Twitter has around three thousand. This means that there’s no doubt that the company will evolve into a stable and reliable one. This can be achieved if they maintain the interest of both traders and customers effectively. Understandably, the platform hasn’t been launched yet, so there’s still time to plan and improve before its launch.

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