It’s common knowledge that cryptographic currency has taken the world by storm. Not only is this digital payment method simple, but it’s also unmistakably efficient. It has become an integral part of our lives, and it has also done wonders for many businesses.

However, due to the fact that there are now so many companies with enticing offers, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose who to do business with. Furthermore, trust is becoming more and more of an issue. Finding the right company that will put all of its efforts into helping you with all of your financial needs is essential.

Thankfully, a reliable newcomer is on the rise whose name is RainCheck.

About RainCheck

RainCheck is an aspiring program that provides users with tokens that will enable them to gain reward points through different loyalty schemes. In order to make this amazing offer possible, RainCheck will provide customers with the option of combining their points into one digital unit called the RAIN Token.

In fact, RainCheck is a company that has a specific goal in mind, and that’s to be the very first organization in the world to succeed in eliminating the line between discovering something online and making a purchase offline.

Needless to say, if they do succeed in this endeavor, the benefits that will reach both the consumers and the brand will be enormous.

Why they differ from other companies

RainCheck offers an interesting solution; the company focuses on obtaining an SKU level instead of focusing solely on merchant and spend level. The company has taken into consideration that, until now, payment card schemes offered limited rewards.

Not many companies can say that they have an experienced and highly motivated team at your disposal. Luckily, RainCheck can do just that. The bottom line is that although nowadays a large percentage of our shopping is done online when it comes to actually purchasing a product, the percentage significantly decreases.

“High-touch” and “low-touch” purchases

Understanding that there needs to be a line between “high-touch” and “low-touch” purchases is essential. Purchasing something such as a cruise or a flight ticket requires a fair amount of searching online. Why? Because you know exactly what you are looking for, and, generally, want to find more affordable prices. Once you find the right price, you'll make a purchase. That’s why these purchases are “high-touch”.

However, if you are browsing the internet for products such as footwear or clothes, you may look at different brands, but these products require you to try them on before making a purchase. These purchases are “low-touch”.

The RAIN Token

The significance of the RAIN Token is that users can register their payment cards through an app. This RainCheck app is easily downloaded and lets you make all your purchases offline. But that’s not where it ends. Any transaction you make will then be picked up by the RainCheck Platform. After that, you will be eligible to receive gifts and rewards.

Also, another useful feature is the “cash-back” feature which will come out later in 2018. Depending on whether the merchant supports the RAIN Token, you will have the option to also receive these tokens as rewards, and manage your loyalty points using RAIN Token Wallets.

Why choose RainCheck

Fast transactions that you’re able to make at any time, lower conversion costs, and rewards are among the many benefits you will experience when opting to use the RainCheck Platform.

The company may be a newcomer, but this team of experts knows what it's doing. All in all, RainCheck is a force to be reckoned with.





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