Restart energy, a company renowned for its feats of achievement in the field of renewable energy which is taking the Romanian energy market by storm has announced a bludgeoning partnership with LDJ Capital, a corporation which deals in ventures like technology, media, real estate and even energy, while also bringing on board technology expert William Davis III . Mr. Davis, a rather prominent and lauded advisor on matters pertaining to funds and individual investors with clients and partners that include leading lending platforms, virtual currency players, crowd funding and the likes. Davis currently serves as the managing director of technology at LDJ Capital and has worked alongside working with corporations like American express, JP Morgan , Chase ; an obvious sign of his genius . William Davis is also known to be a rather frequent speaker at crowdfunding and other mobile investment events globally due to his expertise from holding important positions in growing technology firms and the superb experience acquired from carrying out herculean tasks in technology.

The headquarters of the industrious LDJ capital is found in New York, the capital of the business world, and it has worked alongside more than 30 funds while in the process created a global network of partners in the enormity of the business world, an astounding feat to say the least. The firm’s family office is recorded to have over fifty global directors who are needed to maintain relationships with all the institutions and family offices with 1.5 trillion in assets. The latest changes to the team and the announced partnership with LDJ Capital will aid restart energy in the way of increasing awareness and providing exposure about its mission to metamorphose and restructure the entirety of the energy market and create a P2P platform by which trading of energy can be done through block chain technologies. LDJ Capital and William Davis can then expedite Restart Energy’s upcoming ICO which aims to raise 35 million dollars to support the block chain energy trading platform, restart energy democracy (RED). This platform will allow for the trading of renewable energy among small scale producers and also individual consumers in a marketplace where there is no single monopoly to control the market and manipulate it for singular gain hence by cutting out the middle men and giving the opportunity of P2P transactions, restart energy will help in drastically reducing the cost that will be for the buyers and also make profits for the producers of the renewable energy products , at least up to 30 percent profit.

About restart energy

RED ( Restart energy democracy ) is a block chain powered platform back by the restart group, an European energy provider with 20 million dollars in revenues. The company maintained a vision to democratize the energy sector and obliterate the domination of the legacy monopolies in the world of energy. A noble cause as it is, it is a necessary one because of the overwhelming influence possessed by these legacy monopolies and it eventually chokes out the smaller producers and spreads the reach of their monopolies. The companies credentials include but are not limited to their 400 percent growth since the year 2016 an a customer base which can be boasted of to have 27,000 household and 3,000 corporate clients while expanding to more than 2,00 clients per month; by all measures a mammoth feat. Restart energy Is developing he worlds firsts ever peer-to-peer, fully decentralized energy transfer platform based on its proprietary virtual balancing system that uses A.I, Big Data, and IoT technologies. The RED ecosystem is made up of the amazing RED-platform, RED franchise and RED-MWAT token. The RED-MWAT are crypto tokens that help virtual storage of electricity and it will further the development of clean affordable energy. In this age where clean energy is highly sought after, this is a major feat and will yield profits

Restart energy aims to break the cycle of larger corporate entities overshadowing the smaller producers and eventually pushing them out of business with the RED platform which seeks to democratize the energy business and quash the dominance set in the energy sector. This platform will create the opportunity for regions and even countries to raise their level in of energy efficiency and also expanding service offerings for individual and this entails the option of buying and selling energy without the need of large corporations, even save on energy bills and invest in the energy sector. The idea behind the project rests on the creation of an ecosystem, an energy structure based on sheer genuity and innovative blockchain technology.

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