Restart Energy is one of the fastest growing private energy companies in the European Union. It is a Romanian electric company and a licensed provider of renewable energy in EU that is set to democratize the energy sector by suppressing bureaucracy and helping consumers in accessing affordable energy with complete transparency. So far since inception in 2009 as part of the Armand Group in the renewable energy market, the company has made significant progress with recorded revenue of $4.7 million in 2016 and $20million in 2017 and would make more waves in the years to come.

In a continued bid to achieve its vision for a vibrant sustainable world where affordable energy is accessed by anyone at any point and anywhere; Restart Energy has built an ecosystem that includes RED-P, RED MWAT and RED Franchise. The RED-P (Restart Energy Democracy Platform) is where buying and selling of energy through the use of tokens occur. It will enable regions and countries to increase their energy efficiency and sustainability level while expanding the services offered to individuals. With RED-P, individuals will be able to conduct a direct P2P energy exchange, become a franchise, save on energy bills and invest in energy. In comparison to the traditional centralized power grid, this model presents an open market which offers flexible prices, elimination of intermediaries and consumer ability to change energy suppliers at will. It will change the way energy producers sell their production and transform the way consumers fulfill their energy needs.

For individuals to gain access to RED-P and transact any form of business on the platform; RED MegaWatt Token will be needed. The RED MegaWatt Token, also known as RED MWAT is the core of RED-P and is the first crypto token to be backed up by real energy and business opportunity. RED Franchise is the business opportunity open to investors or users on the RED-P which can only be assessed using the token. With the token, decentralization and storage of electrical energy is made possible as 1 token allows a user to store 1 megawatt of energy which would supply energy to an average household for about 1 to 2 months.

The Red Franchise allows users to be able to optimize energy consumption by helping them control the intake and selling the excess. Once a user has been registered on RED-P, that user is automatically eligible for free monthly excess energy as the MWAT Token is associated to user’s account upon completion of registration. Producers and suppliers using Red Franchise Universe to sell their energy productions at 30% higher prices than the wholesale price are to donate up to 5% of the total energy traded on the platform to a community fund from which energy will be distributed to token holders monthly in form of KW tokens. 1 KW token equals 1 KW of energy. Energy profits users enjoy as a result of this donation is bound to increase as more producers get involved in the Restart ecosystem model.

Users with some certain amounts of tokens on RED-P enjoy additional privileges in the system through the Red Franchise. For instance, a user with 10,000 MWAT Tokens gets to sell energy in the city of residence; 100,000 MWAT Tokens allows the holder to sell energy in an entire region of the country of residence; 1,000,000 MWAT Tokens holder can sell energy in the entire country of residence; and a user with 10,000,000 Tokens and above gets country exclusive selling rights and can create sub-franchises inside the country.

Also, Restart Energy offers green certificates which are a great alternative to the government subsidy as a way of encouraging people to use renewable energy. The Restart business model is structured in a way that makes sure everyone benefits from the business - the buyers buy at a cheaper rate and the sellers make good profit from their sales. The transparent, decentralized and low-cost energy market that Restart ecosystem is offering is one that the current energy world cannot offer. Therefore, the expansion of the company into advanced deregulated energy markets around the world is a welcomed development to look forward to.

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