Massification is reached when tech becomes easy to handle by everyday users. This is about to happen with Blockchain technology.

The word "Blockchain" is becoming more common each passing day, especially for a new business that needs to handle significant amounts of data. Transparency has become a necessity, and it can longer be a fixture to afford it. Blockchain technology provides this type of transparency but if often considered something very complicated and expensive to develop and maintain. The team working at Root Blockchain is aware of these perceptions by most of the people setting up any entrepreneurship, that's why they have been focusing their efforts to develop a hybrid blockchain ecosystem for companies and their customer base.

Going back to the birth of an Idea

Since the introduction of Blockchain in 2009, Girish Kumar and Neeraj Tiwari saw the potential to integrate the technology into many aspects of almost every business model already established in the world. They both have a background as technicians in New Delhi based companies since 2007, and they have been working on the improvement of Blockchain technology for almost eight years now. They certainly think that their time has come and technology has finally caught on with their ideas. It has become affordable for them to go ahead with their integration model based on API models that would make very easy for any company to enjoy the benefits of the blockchain without having to set it up.

Setting an offer based on customer interest

The business model of Root Blockchain is based on doing what other companies don’t have the time or financial ability to do on their own. Since the demand for security features is increasing with each passing year, they figured out that they may as well do the job as a third party for whoever needs it to cheapen the cost of setting up a business who deals with digital currencies. Their offering is in very early stages of developing since there is currently no framework or beta version of the platform. However, they seem to know their business, the technology behind it and their contribution figures are minimal at best.

The main issues being handled by Root blockchain

Root Blockchain is looking to handle some of the costliest process of keeping a Blockchain structure: the capacity to handle transactions promptly. With a single bit nearing 200GB in size, it's no wonder a single operation takes such a long time to be completed, let alone one that involves the trade or transfer of more than a single unit of the cryptocurrency. The company is offering to decrease the time of a transaction to a fraction of what they are by increasing the capacity of the data logs that handle every operation. As more companies join the network and paid the fees of the platform, they will be able to expand their business accordingly and lowers their costs of maintenance.

The true substance of R.B offering

Root Blockchain is also looking to change some paradigms of the world of digital currencies, the first being the availability of the data out in the open. While they still plan to keep the network decentralized, they do have a strategy mapped out for companies that want their blockchain logs available solely to their customers, thus making the information confidential only to the parties involved. They also plan to offer a closed vault to store the data generated by every transaction and get it under protection that will only be disclosed if the involved parties do allow it by using the security features based on the digital check of fingerprints and other technologies that will be integrated to increase security.

So far, the proposal of Root Blockchain sound excellent on paper, they are tackling issues that have been a source of worry for the user of the Blockchain ecosystems for some time now. While some of their strategies contradict the nature of the Blockchain as a source of transparency, it offers a viable solution for people that genuinely need to handle their privacy. To learn more about their offering you can visit : 







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