Savedroid is a German Financial Technology that uses artificial intelligence saving technology to deliver efficient performance in the world of cryptocurrency. It offers its users various crypto saving plans in Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Stellar, Dash, etc. In addition, crypto investment opportunities (portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs) are the target and are available to the users just as equally. What Savedroid does is that it simplifies the whole process of managing your cryptocurrencies with its smart User Experience (’’UX’’). This decentralized process of cryptocurrency management is what they refer to as ’’The Democratization of Cryptocurrencies’’.

Savedroid stands as one of the very first German stock corporation ICOs that undergoes German regulations and legislation. This means that your savings are safe and sound.

Savedroid is an official partner with companies such as Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra operator), Wirecard Bank, Drillisch (telecommunications company), Freenet (cell-phone related partner), and Check24 (an internet comparison portal). These partnerships ensure that technical and law requirements, electricity contract optimization, etc. are maintained effectively.

Savedroid’s Goal

Their main intent is to simplify cryptocurrency-related processes by implementing their unique AI algorithm. Savedroid excludes the need for separate crypto exchanges, private key handling, and personal wallets. The AI algorithm serves to connect the user’s individual lifestyle with the saving transaction. The whole approach consists of three important steps that act as pillars of the whole process.

  1. The emphasis is on simplicity and micro savings.

  1. Everything is automatic, which means that people don’t have to manage everything themselves.

  1. Savings connect to the user’s preferences regarding unique events.

As previously stated, Savedroid’s goal is to appropriate the complications of the cryptocurrency world to the average user. Unlike most FinTech companies it does not focus only on a group of experienced financial experts but expands to the vast majority of the mobile users. Their algorithms have insight into users’ transfers, and it can identify their purchases and which contracts they paid for.

Savedroid’s Crypto Services

Savedroid’s services can be divided into four points.

The first service regards crypto saving convenience, which means that secure wallet storage, self-learning AI saving algorithm, and auto-conversions can be purchased with SVD.

Moreover, Savedroid features an AI-based switching of the savings between different cryptocurrencies. It also offers you an option to spend them in accordance with the merchant’s requirements. This is called Smart Cryptocurrency saving and spending.

Savedroid also charges for AI-based crypto investing services. These include smart investments in optimized cryptocurrency portfolios, ICOs, and derivatives which can be paid for by using SVD.

Lastly, there are Beta-Programs and additional app features for ITS Participants. ITS Participants get offers to exclusive access which comes in the form of premium app features (free discounts, limited crypto investment opportunities, etc.). ITS participants get the chance to give early feedback before everyone else as well.

SVD Token

Their token is an ERC20 utility token that has a built-in deflation mechanism which elevates the value of the Savedroid token (SVD). The token generally serves as a means of purchasing various crypto services that are available within the Savedroid ecosystem.

There’s a unique opportunity for ITS participants who can buy Savedroid tokens during their ITS. The participant can either hold on to his Savedroid tokens or use them to become one of the first crypto saving/investing users and pay for services. The company does not exclude the option to sell them privately as well. Each of these strategies has its own benefits.

The tokens get automatically collected and are removed from the pool of available SVD tokens upon each purchase. This means that there is a limited number of Savedroid tokens. This, however, increases the value of the token.