Savedroid is a German financial technology which specializes in AI saving technology. Its goal is to create an ecosystem fueled by an AI that will appropriate crypto saving to a wider audience. Savedroid offers you an option to effectively dodge cryptocurrency-related processes and complications by delivering its smart User Experience (‘’UX’’). Your savings are converted automatically into cryptocurrencies, securely stored, accessible, and easily tradeable/spendable.

Official partnerships

Savedroid’s partner ecosystem consists of several renowned partners, many of whom are leading companies in their field of operations. These partnerships enable Savedroid to provide top-notch services to its user community but also equally benefit from them.

First of all, there’s Deutsche Börse – a Xetra and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange operator. Deutsche Börse calculates the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) share index and lists it on the DAX.

Secondly, Wirecard Bank manages the technical and law requirements for the Savedroid’s savings account. This account is where users transfer and store their money through the smart saving app (Savedroid’s official app).

Thirdly, Frankfurt’s telecommunications company Drillisch is also one of the partners. It is one of Germany’s most notable companies when it comes to the cell phone discounts. Their role is to recommend various cell phone devices to the users of the Savedroid’s app.

Another cell-phone related partner is Freenet, which optimizes cell phone contracts.

Lastly, a company that's been left in charge of the electricity contract optimization is Check24. It is Germany’s largest internet comparison portal.

The Savedroid’s Token

The token (ERC20 utility token) has a built-in deflation mechanism which will support the overall value of the Savedroid’s token. This token (SVD in short) is used to acquire crypto services that are within the whole Savedroid ecosystem. It can be also used to pay for the fees for these services or it can be sold privately.

SVD Strategies and Values

Savedroid tokens have the potential to increase in value due to their functionality within the Savedroid ecosystem of AI-based crypto investing and saving. It provides mass market users with user-friendly methods of managing cryptocurrencies. Available crypto saving plans include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, IOTA, Stellar, Dash, etc. Users get offers in the form of various crypto investment opportunities such as ICOs, derivatives, and portfolios.

Upon each crypto service purchase, your Savedroid tokens get automatically collected and removed from the pool of available SVD tokens. This means that the number of Savedroid tokens decreases over a period of time. However, this will support and increase the value of the token in the near future.

There are multiple strategies that can be employed here, whether that be spending your tokens or actually holding them and waiting for their value to increase along with their demand. Holding an SVD provides a protective layer which links Savedroid’s crypto ecosystem with the value of the SVD.

Benefits that come with the usage of SVD

Some of the benefits that come with Savedroid are as follows:

  • Convenient crypto saving – this means that auto-conversions, secure wallet storage, and self-learning AI saving algorithm allows purchase by using SVD.

  • Smart Cryptocurrency spending/saving – it features AI-based switching of your savings between different cryptocurrencies and offers various ways of spending them in order to match the requirements of merchants.

  • Smart investing in cryptocurrency ICOs, Portfolios, and derivatives – There’s a monthly fee for this crypto investing service, but the positive aspect of it is that you pay for it by using SVD.

  • App’s exclusive features and Beta-Programs for ITS Participants – Savedroid offers exclusive access to ITS (Information Technology Services) participants. They will have a stronger influence on the development of the Savedroid ecosystem by being able to give early feedback. In return, they get awards such as premium app features, which include free discounts, limited crypto investment opportunities, etc.

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