Nowadays, there’s no use in trying to point out the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Everyone in the world knows how important they are, as well as how crucial they could be for businesses.

However, when it comes to the securities market, things are a bit different. Whether it surprises you or not, the securities market hasn’t yet been immersed into this new crypto world.

Nevertheless, all that is about to change with the emergence of MOBU.

What is MOBU?

MOBU is a decentralized ICO platform that has a major goal in mind: help entrepreneurs build security tokens.

According to its founders, building your own security token is not an easy task. Apart from the abundance of regulations and terms with which you have to comply, you also need a strong legal base to actually have a security token. Furthermore, the technical aspect of this endeavor is always best left to the professionals. After all, most business owners don’t know enough about the blockchain, nor do they have time to learn about it.

Because of that, MOBU was born. Its primary goal is to assist, guide, and, in a way, protect, all those who wish to sell security tokens. With its complex platform and an immense number of features, it will make all the rights steps towards economic efficiency. What’s more, it will allow industries, which haven’t yet dealt with crypto, to access free markets, as well as use all the advantages the blockchain has.

What will MOBU do?

In a way, MOBU will eliminate middlemen from the security exchange and use its platform as the new intermediary. However, that same intermediary will come with many benefits and fewer risks.

For starters, this platform will allow entrepreneurs from non-tech industries to take advantage of the crypto world. Moreover, by having one platform and smart contracts that help issuers get their security tokens, the organizational aspect of this whole undertaking will improve.

MOBU has come up with a great way of keeping track of everything. Not only will the platform use abstract smart contracts for the security tokens, but those contracts will also have to comply with the MOBU standards.

Another thing MOBU promises to do is restrict tokens to only those users that have been verified by MOBU. Furthermore, the company will also present new kinds of escrow services.

These services will prove to be quite useful to the potential investors, as they will, in a sense, protect them. If an ICO issuer goes back on its promise and goals, the investor can actually exit the ICO post-crowdsale.

The “lockup” utility

One of the most interesting features of the MOBU platform is definitely the “lockup.” This feature requires service providers to stake an amount of the MOBU tokens so as to work on the platform.

By implementing it, MOBU will be able to do two crucial things:

  • It will make service providers comply with its rules and standards

  • It will create a higher demand for the MOBU tokens.

Thus, MOBU is set to gain a lot if its service providers do everything right. Those tokens will not be touched, but they will, essentially, be locked away for a certain period of time. What’s more, this utility will also unlock premium features on the MOBU platform.


On September 1, MOBU will hold a pre-sale of its tokens, with a hard cap of $20 million (in ETH equivalent). The pre-sale will last for 15 days, and the minimal pay will be 1 ETH.

Afterward, MOBU's main ICO will last for 60 days, from December 1, 2018, to January 31, 2019. The soft cap will be $1 million, while the hard cap will amount to $35 million in ETH equivalent.

Known investors

With its well-established goals and a variety of useful services and features, it’s no wonder MOBU has drawn the attention of successful entrepreneurs. Mike Prinsloo, the former CEO of DRD Gold, Ashanti Gold, and Goldfields, aims to tokenize one of his mining operations. Meanwhile, Wayne van der Burgh wants to tokenize coal mining sites, and Ettiene Pretorius - a property development.

Thus, it is evident that, if you decide to take part in the upcoming ICO, you will be in good company.






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