Shivom: The Genomic Datahub And Healthcare Services Platform

Omix Ventures Private Limited also known as Shivom is a global genomics ecosystem. It has a vision of spearheading the world’s largest datahub that would be based on genomics and would herald a new and robust wave of precision medicine.

Considering the sensitivity of the information to be stored on the platform, strident security measures, as well as checks and balances, are to be employed. Hence, the ideal use of cryptography and a decentralized system. Shivom is a global genomics ecosystem with a vision of precision medicine.

Aims of the Shivom initiative

One of Shivoms plans is to establish the world’s biggest genomic datahub, and healthcare services platform that would be blockchain based alongside a web market and innovation center. This would make provision for users and third-party sellers to add and market precision medicine custom-made services and bespoke apps.

Shivom also plans on extending its tentacles worldwide to form a team of genomic supervisors, counselors and ally laboratories. It even setups a world-renowned and non-profit research and development (R&D) institution for a fully coordinated and effective system of healthcare service.

This research institute aims at optimally linking insurers, clinicians, clinical laboratories, researchers, patients and stakeholders across the globe. This is all centered around individuals whose health, privacy, as well as knowledge on health and scientific issues, is ultimate.

How does the genomic datahub and healthcare services platform work?

As a platform created with the vision of bettering the world’s medicine and healthcare services, it operates on cardinal principles of transparency, integrity, collaboration, trust as well as providing the patients with autonomy over their genomic data.

Every individual in the third world countries with low-income economies cannot readily access the healthcare facilities. Shivom will give the opportunity to have their genome sequenced and stored; working with and enabling clinicians to made educated decisions about their personalized healthcare.

This platform works based on a blockchain system that offers superior security and privacy. A blockchain is a highly secure and widely distributed database which is shared and maintained by several parties to secure all records added to it. Each of these records would have a time secure links and a time stamp to the previous records.

Cryptography is a term used for accepting healthcare data messages so that only intended users can open or read its contents. This works through a system that operates using a pair of keys known as the ‘Public Key Cryptography.’ It is of great importance to know that everyone has access to the public key, unlike the private key which is restricted to the holder only. Only the private key can be used exclusively to decrypt the message while both keys can encrypt the message.

Why blockchain method?

Shivom’s platform is designed as a blockchain agnostic that makes use of the best technologies as well as an advanced cryptographic identity layer. This method provides significant value over other standard centralized databases in multiple areas such as:

  1. In matters of security; cryptography which is employed by blockchain prevents unknown characters (i.e., hackers) from manipulating its data. Also, as a result of a lack of central authority, there is no significant access for hackers, and this enables the privacy of identities.

  2. Messages are error free due to consensus mechanisms.

  3. Reduced cost as intermediaries are not needed.

  4. It is universal as it operates across borders and everyone also shares a structured timestamped data.

  5. Users can operate everywhere, and assets are digitized making them securely available globally.

The use of a blockchain platform further aids and abets the vision of a renowned and transparent healthcare platform that is auditable, highly secure and where all donors, patients, and stakeholders would rely upon each other with a level of trust.

Any nation’s institution does not operate this platform, and no country can claim autonomy over it. Instead, it is disseminated across the globe in a decentralized system. It runs in multiple institutions across borders hence enabling its availability and effectiveness to every individual in the world irrespective of any nation-state.

Final thoughts

The Shivom’s vision is geared towards spearheading a new era of precision medicine, increasing the effectiveness of drugs based on genomic data, alleviating the healthcare services offered across the globe. The massive genomic datahub implements it, where users store their genomic data that is readily accessible and thus aids research and effectiveness in modern medicine.

However, some might opine that such a data hub would be insecure for such sensitive data and that the leading powers would monopolize such initiative. Shivom’s initiative is blockchain based and deploys highly secure cryptography, to prevent such thoughts. It uses a highly decentralized system with no central authority.

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