Global healthcare is changing day by day. The advent of two ground-breaking technologies, the blockchain, and genomics are poised to further upswing well-being throughout the globe.

Genomic medicine can enhance the comprehension and treatment of about 7,000 different infections and diseases including cancer, protracted and complex diseases such as neurodegenerative and cardiovascular conditions. Also, Blockchain technology is poised to transform the world’s economy and health care in the nearest future.

The articulation of genomics and blockchain technology will bring about an unprecedented improvement in the medical genomics world which will be beneficial health care-wise to all. The combination of health records with genomic sequencing data will provide clinicians and researchers with a vast and reliable data resource for the investigation and treatment of diseases. People who acquire genomic sequencing are more likely to manage their health better. This is where Shivom comes in.

Shivom - Overview

Shivom, co-founded by Dr. Axel Schumacher, Sally Eaves, Akash Gaurav and Gourish Singla offers world’s first integrated solution for genome data donors and patients where everyone will get their genome sequenced and stored securely. Shivom ecosystem is blockchain-based, and it harnesses modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (self-learning algorithms).

The primary aim of the Shivom team is to fix a damaged health care system. The insecurity, poor practices, lack of transparency and data breach in centralized databases of today is very alarming. Data donors are denied access to their sensitive e-health care records and personal data.

Beyond the inadequacies already mentioned, patients are continually discouraged from participating in research studies and data sharing due to lack of incentives. The persistent flaws in the global healthcare system have raised the need for newer technologies, practices, business models, methodologies and innovative approaches to therapeutic remedies, drug discovery and the health care system as a whole.

Shivom is set to pioneer the most extensive genomic database and healthcare platform (omics ecosystem) on the globe where contributors will own the sole right to access their genomic data, share it or trade it. Trading on this platform is executed using tokens. The Shivom platform thrives on the principles of security, informed choice, openness, collaboration, and integrity.


The token utilized in the Shivom ecosystem is the OmiX Token. The OmiX is an integral part of the Shivom system that enables incentivizing, trading, sharing, and other activities. The token is a crucial player in the governance of the ecosystem. One can acquire the OmiX token during token sales (ICO process), from reward collections and secondary markets.

Shivom-Blockchain Technology

The Shivom blockchain-based technology is referred to as Blockchain Genomics. To achieve its objective, Shivom is offering an investment proposition powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. The Shivom team prefers Blockchain technology because of its ability to appropriately address authentication, trust issues, complicated data ownership/rights, patient consent and data integrity. With a blockchain-based technology, Shivom will be able to develop a transparent and first-of-its-kind healthcare services platform that is auditable, reliable, and highly secureon.

In comparison to other centralized databases, the blockchain-based technology harnessed by Shivom offers a significant improvement on the following:

Privacy: Blockchain keeps identities of participants privately.

Global: The platform operates worldwide

Accurate Tracking: Transactions are error-free due to consensus mechanism

Smart Contracts: Transactions occur in real-time and automatically via already established agreements

Digitised Assets: Assets are securely available worldwide

Security: One cannot alter or revise stored data due to cryptographic linkage

Disintermediation: Middlemen are no longer required

Permanent Ledger: All saved data and transactions are structured and time-stamped

New Economies: Participants can operate from wherever they are

Decentralisation: With blockchain technology, there are no central authorities or hacker access point (AP)

Ultimately, Shivom’s Blockchain Genomics will serve as a tool for industrial revolution and a new epoch of open, data-driven, and collaborative science that will champion the development of precision medicine.

How does the Shivom ecosystem work?

Register to create a Shivom profile

Upload your DNA sequence

Collect your Saliva

Get to know your ancestry

Receive health insights based on your genetic data

Share your genome for profit or for free

Why should you choose Shivom?

Secure and transparent transfer of patient’s health records to organizations demanding for them

Donors have absolute control over their data and gains access to it

Genome donors are compensated for sharing their data

The Shivom platform aids pharmaceutical companies in the aspect of drug development

Patients receive a personalized lifestyle and health information

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