Silicon Valley Bank CTO joins INS Ecosystems Advisory Board

Milo Sprague, a highly experienced IT executive who holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Silicon Valley Bank has recently joined the advisory board of INS Ecosystem. Mr. Sprague joins the team with over 30 years of leadership experience having served in different capacities in a variety of companies including financial services, innovation and infrastructure.

At Silicon valley Bank he was put in charge of infrastructure architecture, global enterprise, research and development and implementation of vibrant, innovative technology at the bank. In this capacity Mr. Sprague has been given the responsibility of identifying and pushing opportunities for synergy at SVB. His duties include dealing with SVB clients to gain technical collaborations, widening the network of financial organizations and liaising with various startups and investors.

It is worthy of note that Mr. Sprague previously held a position at SVB where he was in charge of Cloud strategy, IT Architecture and Governance and also IT Risk & Performance Management. He has also led IT teams at Morgan Stanley prior to moving to Silicon Valley Bank, been put in charge of consulting engagements for Capco and Sequoia strategy in IT and provided CIO advisory services for clients in the technology industry.

A highly skilled leader, Mr. Sprague can boast of extensive knowledge in IT strategy and management, Fintech, Digital Banking, Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Application Infrastructure, Data Governance and Architecture. His various positions have led him to engage in recruitments of large, diverse technical teams. And he has also successfully managed complex cross-divisional programs all around the world. This has led him to form strategic and extremely valuable partnerships across the globe.

INS Ecosystem strives to tackle complex systemic architectural problems which are directly related to sending out smart scaled contracts. A major goal is also making sure the company performs at its maximum capabilities with stable and secure programs.

Milo Sprague would be resuming his position on the Advisory Board by early January and will be adding his creative and technological ideas to the team as the development of the projects begins.

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